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Mushroom Publications

Research Publications

  1. Fleming-Archibald, C., Ruggiero, A. & Grogan, H. (2015). Brown mushroom symptom expression following infection of an Agaricus bisporus crop with MVX associated dsRNAs. Fungal Biology, 119: 1237-1245.
  2. Eastwood, D., Green, J., Grogan, H. & Burton, K. (2015). Characterising the viral agents causing brown cap mushroom disease of Agaricus bisporus.   Applied and Environmental Microbiology 81(20): 7125-7134.

Technical Publications

  • Grogan, H. Green, J. Burton, K. (2015). Mushroom Virus X (MVX) - Investigating gene expression in infected crops. Tech Update. 5515. View Publication Details
  • Grogan, H. (2015). MushTV – Providing IPM solutions to the mushroom industry. Teagasc Technical update 6270. View Publication Details
  • O Neill et al. 2015. Use of Chemical disinfectants in mushroom production. Factsheet. View Publication Details
  • Fleming-Archibald et al. 2015. Brown Cap Mushroom Virus Prevention. Factsheet . View Publication Details
  • Kilpatrick, et al. 2015. Understanding Trichoderma aggressivum in Bulk Phase 3 compost. Factsheet. View Publication Details
  • Pyck et al. 2015. Fungal diseases of mushroom and their control. Factsheet. View Publication Details