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Current research projects:

  • AgGenes (2015-2018): A Genomic Approach to Understanding and Improving Compost Utilisation
  • Agaricus Genomics (2015-2019). Genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of A. bisporus strains showing some resistance/tolerance to mushroom virus X (2015-2019
  • SafeMush (2014-2018): Assuring the safety of mushrooms by the introduction of novel processes to reduce environmental contamination in mushroom production facilities

Recently completed research projects

  • MushTV (2012-2015). Solutions for the mushroom industry to emerging disease threats from Trichoderma and Virus.
  • MVX Characterisation (2010-2015). Understanding the Biology of Mushroom Virus X by Molecular Characterisation, Location and Translocation of RNA and their Role in Disease Epidemiology. 
  • Trichoderma (2009-2013). Epidemiology and detection of Trichoderma aggressivum v. europaeum with particular reference to mushroom compost production in bulk Phase 3 systems. 
  • H2S in SMC. (2007-2013). Dynamics of hydrogen sulphide gas production in spent mushroom compost during storage and handling and its impact on Health and Safety issues 
  • Dry bubble disease. (2007-2010). Measuring and Managing Dry Bubble Disease Pressure on Mushroom Farms 
  • Mushroom Virus X disease (2007-2010). Understanding the factors which trigger “brown mushroom” symptom expression as a means to improved diagnosis and control.
  • MVX brown mushrooms. (2006-2010). Environmental and genetic control of brown colour development in mushrooms infected with mushroom virus X.

 Helen Grogan is our researcher based in Ashtown