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Fleuroselect - Annual flower trials and demonstrations.

Fleuroselect - Introduction

The Fleuroselect trial is an annual demonstration of seed raised annuals or perennials. Teagascs' involvement began with Fleuroselect in 2018 with a demonstration of over 70 varieties of Marigold plants.

Fleuroselect help to promote and inspire the use of plants grown from seed by demonstrating the diversity and new developments in breeding in a range of plants each year. They are an international organization with more than 75 members who are involved in breeder, production and distribution, home gardening and protection.

The trials are completed in; Netherlands, Germany, UK and Ireland.

Rudbeckia Trial 2020

Seed was sown for the trial in March of 2020. The seedlings were transplanted to 9cm pots in April and field planted in May. There were 43 varieties planted mostly of the species R. hirta, which is an annual or short lived perennial. Plants were planted in 1m2 plots at a density of 24 plants per m2. Plants were observed and assessed under the following headings;pest and disease and tolerance of climate and wind.

By July all varieties of R. hirta had begun to flower strongly. R. occidentalis began to flower in early August followed by R. triloba. The bench mark perennnial R. fulgida Goldstrum began to flower in mid september.

 Youtube link Rudbeckia trial discussion Dónall Flanagan and Paul Fitters


See discussion between Dónall Flanagan and Paul Fitters on Teagasc youtube channel.


Rudbeckia plants in full flower in summer

 Rudbeckia and bee