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Irish Plant Health Trade Initiative

Low-risk zones

  • Ensure you source your plant material carefully
  • Purchase plants grown in and supplied from zone/areas of low risk i.e. regions where notifiable threats have not been detected
  • Avoid demarcated areas for Xylella
  • It is not permitted to trade host material in the control zones


  • Discuss with suppliers plant health and biosecurity actions
  • Visit suppliers where feasible
  • Ensure accompanied by Valid Plant Passport

Inspect and isolate new stock

  • ideally 100m+ from the production facility
  • undertake training to on symptom recognition

Close cooperation

  • Regular and timely inspection of all species of concern from national plant health authority DAFM
  • Immediately alert DAFM of plants with suspected


  • Minimum of 1 specialised employee who will undertake training in the most recent developments in plant health and biosecurity
  • Plant Health Control systems
  • Hygiene - best practice guidance and demonstrations
  • Plant passport requirements,
  • Review changes for March 1st 2018 and end of 2019 and impact on plant producers
  • Epidemiology