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Pesticide Postings 2020

Up-to-date information on deregistered chemicals, off-labels, emergency use authorisations and plant protection products(PPP's)

02 September 2020
Botanigard instructions have been revised. The correct rates for use on mushrooms are 0.24g/m2. See Botanigard EAMU instructions: EAMU Instructions for Use (pdf).

09 July 2020
Plant growth regulator CE CE CE 750 has received EAMU for use on selected protected ornamentals. See details here: CeCeCe 750 EAMU Ornamentals (PDF)

08 July 2020
FLiPPER has now received EAMU status and can be used on a wide range of protected and out door salad leaf and other edible crops EAMU FLiPPER (PDF). In addition it can be used on protected and outdoor ornamental and forestry crops FLiPPER EAMU Ornamentals (PDF).

4 March 2020
The Approved Pesticides for use on Vegetable Crops book for 2020 has now been published.

 30 January 2020
The existing Emerger off-label has added three new crops: celery, parsley and dill. Emerger off-label

 24 October 2019
We now have Force 20 CS registered as an off-label for use as a seed dressing on carrot, parsnip, onion, leek, shallot and salad onion (for carrot fly and bean seed fly). Wakil XL is another new seed treatment off-label for use on carrot and parsnip.

 20 September 2019
The existing Signum off-label has been extended to include the following new crops: swede, turnip, beetroot, radish and salsify.  Signum off-label

Additional crops have been added to the Dual Gold off-label: field lettuce, baby leaf, herbs and beetroot. Please note the short application period that applies to all crops: 1 March - 31 May.  Dual Gold off-label

 4 September 2019
has been registered as a new off-label for use on onion and shallot for downy mildew control.  Fandango OLA

23 August 2019
Amylo-X WG
has been registered as an off-label on a wide range of fruit and vegetables, both indoor and outdoor. It is a Bacillus based biocide effective agianst a wide range of diseases.  Amylo-X WG OLA

9 April 2019
Lentagran has been reregistered and a new off-label has been created to reflect the change in PCS number - salad onion and Chinese cabbage have been added to the off-label. No changes to the new Lentagran label. Lentagran 2019 label Lentagran OLA

25 February 2019
, one of the formulations containing tebuconazole, has been reregistered. The new label covers only cereals and oilseed rape. The merchant sell by date is 30 June 2019 and the use by date is 30 June 2020.

19 February 2019
PCS: recent active substance withdrawals.

13 February 2019
Infinito has been reregistered and the off-label has been adjusted accordingly to reflect the new number (PCS 04309). No other changes added. Existing stocks of Infinito (PCS 02532) can be used to 31 December 2020.  Infinito OLA

6 February 2019
The presentations at the Food Safety Workshop held at Backweston on 24 January 2019 are available on the PCS website. If you are a producer of ready-to-eat crops it might be useful to read the talk entitled 'Food Incidents, Lessons Learned'.

29 January 2019
There is a new label for Pyrethrum 5EC – which unfortunately has far fewer crops on it than the old label – essentially confined to a small range of protected crops: tomato, pepper, aubergine, courgette and cucumber. However growers have until 30 June 2020 to use up old label (PCS 92317) stocks which will be on sale until 30 June 2019.  

22 January 2019
Closer, which is registered for use as an aphicide on cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach and outdoor lettuce is currently unavailable. Stock may be available later in the season.

18 January 2019
Decis (deltamethrin) 
has been reformulated and is now called Decis Protech. The new product is lower strength in comparision to the old. There are no stocks left of Decis and it will be deregistered shortly. There is a new off-label for the Protech version. A wide range of crops is covered by the on- and off-labels so please consult the relevant document for details. Good to see that both broccoli and lettuce are included on the labels.  Decis Protech label    Decis Protech (OLA)

Slug pellets based on methaldehyde are to be banned for outdoor use in the UK from the spring of 2020. They will still be allowed to be used in protected crops. It is being withdrawn because of a threath to wildlife and birds. The PCS are currently reviewing the situation for this country.

11 January 2019
Better known for its use as an amenity herbicide, Flexidor has expanded its off-label crops to add carrot, parsnip and garlic to the existing bulb onion, leek and rhubarb.  Flexidor OLA

9 January 2019
Two new off-labels for Emerger: food crops and ornamentals. Emerger is a herbicide that contains a new active for the country, aclonifen. This hopefully will work out to be a useful replacement for linuron.  Outdoor forest nursery and willow are the ornamental crops covered. Food crops include parsnip, carrot, parsley, onion and garlic.  Emerger OLA (ornamentals)  Emerger OLA

2 January 2019
The active that is in Reglone and similar type products, diquat, will be revoked on 4 May 2019. Date of final sale is 4 November 2019 and all stocks must be used by 4 February 2020.

3 December 2018
Clarification of iprodione treated seed: provided it was treated prior to 5 June 2018, sellers are entitled to sell such seed after that date and growers are entitled to sow it.

As of today the PCS have stated that the only approved uses for Corbel (fenpropimorph) are cereals. All other on- and off-label uses are revoked.

21 November 2018
Two old off-labels have been rereleased following the reregistration of the products. Nativo has retained parsnip on the off-label and added in celery, salad onion and swede; leeks have been dropped from the full label but reinstated via the off-label. The most significant change on the Nativo off-label is the use on celery for leaf spot control - important addition given we only had Score and Switch prior to this. Movento has retained all the old uses and added in protected: tomato, aubergine, cucumber, pepper, melon and courgette. Take note changes in rate and harvest interval with both products on some crops.  Nativo off-labelMovento off-label 

5 November 2018
Three new off-labels have arrived. Karma (potassium carbonate) on strawberry (protected and outdoor), lettuce (protected and outdoor), cucumber, courgette, tomato, aubergine and pepper (protected); and Takumi (cyflufenamid) on protected and outdoor strawberry; and a separate Takumi off-label on protected and outdoor ornamentals. Both actives are for the control of powdery mildew.  Karma off-labelTakumi off-labelTakumi off-label (ornamentals)

23 October 2018
Thiram seed dressing will be revoked on 30 April 2019 and all treated seed must be sown by 30 January 2020. The fate of chlorothalonil (Bravo etc.) will be decided at an EU meeting in December. It's an important component of resistance management in cereals and is a key player in Botrytis and Cladosporium control in alliums. Cruiser, available as a seed dressing or via phyto-drip treated modules can no longer be be used after 19 December 2018.

On a more positive note an interesting new fungicide was launched by BASF in the UK this year - Perseus - and it will be registered here in 2019. It's a combination of Score + fluxapyroxad, a SDHI type active for use on a wide range of vegetable crops.  Perseus UK label

8 August 2018
The Calypso off-label has been reissued. All the brassica crops have been removed but rhubarb, salad onion and leeks have been added along with protected lettuce, herbs and baby leaf brassica.  Calypso off-label

The Biscaya off-label has been reissued. The harvest intervals have been revised upward for beetroot and swede whilst kale and Chinese cabbage have been added to the list of approvals. Biscaya off-label

2 August 2018
All the old Karate off-labels have been consolidated into a single new one and with the addition of sweetcorn.
Karate Zeon off-label

24 July 2018
A new off-label has been granted for the inter-row use of Roundup Flex on a number of vegetable crops. This is to allow its use with guided inter-row sprayers.  Roundup Flex off-label

The Tracer off-label has been rereleased with additional crops added to it.  Tracer off-label

17 July 2018
There's a new residual herbicide available to carrot and parsnip growers with the arrival of Hurricane (diflufenican).  Hurricane SC off-label 

The Gamit off-label has been rereleased to accomodate its use post-emerge in carrots up to 4 true leaves. Prior to this it had only been allowed pre-emerge on this crop.  Gamit 36 SC off-label

15 June 2018
New off-label for gooseberry, blackberry and elderberry in the form of Batavia. It's an insecticide that controls gall mite and aphid.  Batavia off-label

Glufosinate-ammonium (Finale 150, Pearl) is on the way out. It has been withdrawn voluntarily by Bayer from sale in the EU and sales will cease by the end of July. Was a very useful contact herbicide in its day but had endocrine disrupter issues.

30 May 2018
We now have a replacement for Aramo, which was excellent on annual meadow grass, in the shape of Centurion Max. This graminicide which controls most grass weeds including AMG, has a new off-label for a variety of crops including peas, carrot, parsnip, swede, turnip, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and bulb onion. Unfortunately broccoli isn't covered.  Centurian Max off-label

25 May 2018
Following reregistration Amistar Opti has a new PCS number: 05068. The old label product (PCS 03408) must be used by 30 September 2019. The revised off-label (PCS 05068) now covers just asparagus - bulb onion, salad onion and shallot are dropped.  Amistar Opti off-label

The rejigged Basagran SG off-label now includes bulb onion, garlic and shallot in addition to the previousely covered leek and salad onion.  Basagran SG off-label

22 May 2018
Welcome additions to the revised off-label for Movento. Parsnip, swede, turnip and Chinese cabbage which are retained, are joined by spinach, spinach beet, baby leaf, herbs, endive, and chicory. Movento is a systemic insecticide effective against a range of aphids. Another change to note is that the harvest interval for swede, turnip and parsnip has been reduced from eight to three weeks and from one week to three days for Chinese cabbage.  Movento off-label

16 May 2018
Sweetcorn has been added to the off-labels for Stomp Aqua and Wing PStomp Aqua off-label   Wing P off-label

2 May 2018
A new off-label for Amistar Top has appeared covering a wide range of field and indoor vegetables plus blackberry and raspberry.  Amistar Top off-label

25 April 2018
is a fatty-acid based insecticide that's now available as an off-label for use on indoor: aubergine, gherkin and pepper.  Flipper off-label

20 April 2018
New Proman off-label for use on outdoor ornamentals and forest nursery. This is a residual herbicide with a label recommendation for potatoes. It had been hoped that carrot and parsnip would also have been on the label but it didn't work out.  Proman off-label

17 April 2018
Amistar was reregistered (PCS 05072) in March 2018 with the old label (PCS 01351) being revoked - old stock to be used by 30 September 2019. The old Amistar off-labels have been replaced by two new ones. Amistar food off-label , Amistar ornamental off-label  

16 April 2018
Although still registered Bayer no longer sell Folicur as it can't compete on price with similar lookalike products such as Fezan. Sipcam, who manufacture Fezan, have now extended the label to cover cauliflower and broccoli, that up to this were covered with Folicur off-label applications.  2018 Fezan label

13 April 2018
The Sequoia off-label for strawberry dated 25-1-18 has been superseded by one dated 9-4-18. Slight change to specific restrictions section.  Sequoia off-label

Following a protracted registration process, Amistar Top is now available on the Irish market. It's a combination of nearly full rate Amistar plus half rate Score. The following crops are on the label: kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, carrots, leeks and strawberry. Take note that for brassicas there are maximum total dose figures for both Amistar and Score. For example, you are allowed up to 250 g/ha annually for difenoconazole which equates to two applications of Score.  Amistar Top label

11 April 2018
The 2018 edition of Approved Pesticides for use on Vegetable Crops has been published. It's available in PDF format on this website and hard copies will be available shortly.

9 April 2018
Luna Privilege
is now registered for use in Ireland with an on-label recommendation for the control of powdery mildew in apple and pear. There is an associated off-label for its use on tomato, gherkin and cucumber for the control of Botrytis, Cladosporium and powdery mildew.  Luna Privilege off-labelLuna Privilege label

Dynamec has been granted a 120 Day Authorisation for use on protected raspberry and blackberry against two spotted spider mite. Effective from 9 April 2018 for 120 days. 
Dynamec 120 Day Authorisation

21 March 2018
has been re-registered with changes to both on- and off-labels. The new label now cover just lettuce, bulb onion, salad onion and ornamental plant production. Herbs and baby leaf are retained on the revised off-label but use is restricted to outdoor production only - the old off-label included use on both outdoor and protected production. However garlic is a welcome addition to the off-label. Rates of use are also slightly altered on both sets of labels. CIPC off-label

7 March 2018
Reminder of use-by dates: Afalon/Datura 3 June 2018, Rovral 5 June 2018, cypermethrin 30 September 2018.

26 February 2018
The PCS have recently published:  Plant Protection Products Book 2018.

21 February 2018
New off-label for beetroot in the shape of Escolta - a fungicide for the control of powdery mildew, rusts and leaf spots.  Escolta off-label

The PCS now have available the off-label documents for download on their website.

25 January 2018
A new Verimark label has been issued. There is one change on it - 'Verimark cannot be applied after 31 August' -  but this only applies to the UK. Take note that the maximum total dose is 600 ml/ha which is equivalent to 40,000 brassica plants per ha.  Verimark 20SC (2018 label)

New off-label for protected strawberries to control aphids - SequoiaSequoia off-label

11 January 2018
(Rovral WG, Grisu) has been deregistered with a sell-by period to 5 March 2018 and a use-by to 5 June 2018. The sell- and use-by periods have recently been significantly reduced by the the EU - it used to be a 6 month sell-by period followed by a 12 month use-by period; now it's down to 3 + 3 months.  Iprodione decision

2 January 2018
The old Butisan label (PCS 90342) was deregistered 31 March 2017 and there is one significant change on the new label (PCS 04631). The rate for broccoli is reduced from 1.5 l/ha to 1.0 l/ha; all other crops remain the same. However the old label has a use-up period to 30 September 2018.  Butisan S (04631)

8 December 2017
Venzar Flowable
will be deregistered on 31 March 2018 with a use-up period to 30 September 2019 - currently there is an off-label for that product for spinach and spinach beet. Venzar Flowable will be replaced by Venzar 500 SC which was registered last week. There is a new off-label on the 500 version that not only covers the old crops of spinach and spinach beet but also adds in chard, beetroot, celeriac, swede and turnip. Take note that the rate for spinach has been reduced to 0.8 l/ha, which is quite a drop on the old rate. The other thing to be aware of is that it can be applied only once every three years to any one piece of land. However the old Venzar Flowable off-label is good to 30 September 2019. Venzar 500 off-label   Venzar 500 SC

 5 December 2017
Latest version of Signum off-label for food crops: Signum off-label

 27 November 2017
A much-awaited qualified majority of EU member states was reached today for the re-authorisation of the world’s most commonly used weedkiller, glyphosate. It was granted a five year re-approval which is a considerable reduction in the original proposal of granting a 15 year re-approval.

10 October 2017
Questions and Answers related to the UK's withdrawal from the EU with regard to plant protection products and pesticide residues.

Signum off-labels have been updated covering both food and ornamentals.
Food -  outdoor: red and white currants, blueberry, gooseberry, salad onion, parsnip, celeriac, courgette, summer squash and horseradish; outdoor and indoor: herbs, cherry, plum, babyleaf lettuce and brassica. Signum food off-label
Ornamentals - outdoor and indoor: foliage, flowers, woody ornamentals, ornamental seedlings and bulbs and forest nursery. Signum ornamentals off-label

6 October 2017
The PCS are holding an Information Seminar entitled 'Plant Protection Developments in the Horticultural sector' on Tuesday 31 October at 1.30pm at Backweston. The event is free but advance booking is required.

 3 October 2017
The European Commission host a very useful website that allows you to find the current MRL (maximim residue limit) for any particular crop. For example, you can run a search for the MRL for azoxystrobin (Amistar) on cabbage and broccoli. MRL's have been set for all actives and represent the maximum residue that should arise in food when pesticides are correctly used. MRL figures for any particular pesticide and crop combination can and do change - so keep an eye on them using this database.

 28 September 2017
The Farm Hazardous Waste Collection Days 2017 will be taking place during October/November. There are 10 locations around the country.  These EPA funded collection points allow farmers to get rid of hazardous materials at a very reduced rate - €2 per kilo. Please consult the flier for details: Hazardous Waste Leaflet

 21 September 2017
It is expected that the authorisation of all iprodione products (Rovral WG, Grisu) will be revoked in the next few months. It will shortly be voted on by Brussels. So we should have the use of the active for the next two seasons.

4 September 2017
All products based on cypermethrin were deregistered 31 March 2017  with a final use-up date of 30 September 2018. During the course of a review of cypermethrin, a minimum buffer zone requirement of at least 85m was proposed for products containing this active. Taking into account the average field size and prevalence of water courses in Ireland and as the PCS currently have a policy of not approving products which require buffer zones (aquatic or non-aquatic) that are in excess of 50m, a decision was taken not to renew the approval for field use. Cypermethrin based products include: Ambush, Barclay Cypersect, Croplink Methrin, Sitrine. The active is still available on the amateur market.

The long awaited new aphicide from Dow is now registered as Closer, which contains sulfoxaflor. The label covers use on brassicas, lettuce, spinach and potatoes. It's available as Transform for cereals. This is a brand new systemic active that promises to be a useful replacement for Aphox. Closer label

27 July 2017
Luna Privelege
was granted a 120 day authorisation for protected cucumbers which started on 1 June 2017. There is one change to the original version: "grown in artificial substrate" has been added to the crops.
Luna Privilege Authorisation
Talius is a new off-label for the control of powdery mildew in outdoor ornamentals and forest nurseries. 
Talius off-label

17 July, 2017
has been recently approved by the PCS. It's the foliar version of Verimark (cyantraniliprole). It has on-label approval for use on cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions, scallions, carrot and parsnip. It controls cabbage root fly (CRF) and caterpillar on brassicas, thrips and onion fly on alliums and carrot fly on carrot and parsnip. There is also an off-label for Benevia to control CRF and caterpillar on swedes and turnips. Benevia off-label

6 July, 2017
Cuprene 50 (copper oxychloride) that was deregistered on 31 December 2014 has resurfaced in the form of Curenox 50WP which is distributed by Unichem. It has has grapes on the label with an off-label for potato, swede, apple, pear and ornamentals. It arose from pressure from French grape farmers to get some form of copper reinstated and the Department here were anxious to have something that organic growers could use for potato blight as currently there is nothing. The off-label covers blight on potatoes, downy mildew on swede and scab and canker control on apple and pear. An effort was made to get one of the systemic blight products in as an off-label for downy mildew control on swede but it didn't work out. Curenox 50WP off-label

14 June, 2017
A great new blight fungicide has been launched by DuPont: Zorvec Enicade (oxathiapiprolin). It's been on trial in Oak Park for the past two seasons and has performed well. Plus the even better news is that onions are on the label along with garlic and shallots. BUT......here's the problem. The label states that it can only be used as a tank mix with Curzate (for resistance management purposes) which is fine for potatoes as Curzate is registered for that crop but onions are not on the Curzate label. So Zorvec will be a no-show for alliums.

3 April, 2017
A 120 Day Authorisation has been granted for the use of Luna Privilege on indoor tomatoes grown in artificial substrate for the control of Cladosporium. It runs from 1 April to 29 July 2017.

1 April 2017
A 120 Day Authorisation has been granted for the use of Dynamec on indoor blackberry and raspberry for the control of spider mite. It runs from 1 April to 29 July 2017.

31 March 2017
The Score label has been reregistered. A small but important change in the re-issued label is that the maximum number of applications has been cut  from 3 to 2 in cabbage and from 4 to 2 in Brussels sprouts. A revised off-label for Score has added outdoor lettuce to the existing list of crops. This is a welcome addition that will help in the control of lettuce leaf spot.

28 March 2017
A new herbicide Bonalan, has recently been registered for use on a range of vegetables with both on-label and off-label recommendations. It's based on an active called benfluralin closely related to trifluralin that was in Treflan of old. However in comparison to Treflan it covers a smaller spectrum of weeds and will be more expensive. It controls fat hen, Polygonums and annual meadow grass. On-label crops include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, peas, beans and lettuce and off-label crops cover swede, baby leaf, herbs and spinach. Bonalan off-label

14 March 2017
A new off-label for disease control in ornamental bulbs has been launched - Deuce.
Deuce off-label

1 March 2017
Basagran has been added to the herbicide line-up for outdoor leeks and salad onions. Basagran off-label

27 February 2017
Apollo 50 SC fungicide for use on flowers, foliage, woody ornamentals, bulbs, seedlings and forest nursery. Apollo off-label

The use of any plant protection product mentioned on this webpage is entirely at the user's risk. The instructions on the label must be read carefully and followed accordingly.