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Thermal weeding

Farmer’s Friend Pyroweeder

Farmer’s Friend Pyroweeder

The Farmer’s Friend Pyroweeder is a professional 5-burner flame weeder for small growers and market gardeners. Engineered from aluminium and stainless steel, the lightweight walk behind Pyroweeder can be used to create stale seedbeds or for after sowing flaming for pre-emergence weed control in direct seeded crops such as carrots, swede, spinach and beetroot.

Elmer Koomans, Sales Manager at Fruit Hill Farm, explains “the Pyroweeder does not need to burn the weeds. Temperature of 100°C applied for several seconds will result in expansion of cell water, cell rupture and consequently desiccation of the weed leaves.” Elmer adds “small weeds are generally more susceptible to thermal weeding than larger ones, as are weeds with more open growth habit.”

There are two models available that can be set up to suit bed width or ridges. The 80 cm Pyroweeder can be adjusted to 79 to 96 cm wide, while the 120 cm can be set to a width of 106 cm to 137 cm. Both models can be assembled to give a ground clearance of 17 cm or 27 cm.

The offset handle allows the operator to walk next to the bed to avoid compacting or disturbing the soil bed. A hood ‘Flame Blade’ accessory is available to shelter the flames from wind and direct heat more evenly onto the soil. The Farmer’s Friend Pyroweeder and Flame Blade hood are available from Fruit Hill Farm.

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