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Beet / Potatoes

Fodder Beet

Fodder beet is a high yielding crop with a high nutrient demand for N, P, K, Mg, S and micro nutrients such as boron and manganese.  Maintaining the correct soil pH is critical as beet is very sensitive to acidic soils.Beet prefers well drained medium type soils where crops yield can range from 70 to 100t/ha.



Modern potato varieties have a very high yield potential and managing soil fertility correctly is an essential component in achieving both high yields and quality. Potatoes have a high demand for both P and K.  Firstly they are poor rooters and require high rates for phosphorus in the early stages of establishment and secondly high rates of K are required during the bulking stage of crop tubers. Potatoes are susceptible to magnesium (Mg) deficiency and may show a yield response where soils are low in Mg.