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Turnips / Swedes

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

In general, the N, P and K fertiliser applications for Swedes and turnips (Table 1) should be broadcast after the land has been cultivated and just before ridging, thus ensuring that it is concentrated in the centre
of the ridge and near to the developing roots.

Table 1: N,P,K recommendations for Swedes and Turnips (kg/ha)
Soil N IndexNPK
1 90 70 120
2 70 60 100
3 40 40 60
4 20 401 60
1.If soil P value is above 15mg/l, no fertiliser P is necessary.


Swedes and turnips respond to the application of S on sandy soils. A dressing of 25 kg/ha S should be adequate.


Swedes / turnips have a similar requirement for B as sugar beet (see Boron for Sugar Beet remarks). Boronated compounds should be used, e.g. 8: 5: 18 +B. Boron deficiency is common in drought years in Ireland.