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Fertiliser Spreaders

Fertiliser Calibration

Fertiliser spreader calibration is a very important task. There are a range of apps available for certain makes and models of spreaders and it is advised that if there is one available for your machine then you should download and use it. Unfortunately not all machines will have apps available. 

Fertiliser Calibration tool

This tool has been developed to help people using such machines to calibrate their machine. Simply use the sliders to input the information such as forward speed, working width and desired application rate and the calculator will give the flow rate for the fertiliser spreader. You can then check your actual flow rate by collecting fertiliser from the machine for a period of 1 minute and compare your output. Adjust the fertiliser shutter position if needed and check again.

Access the tool here: Fertiliser caibration

Fertiliser Calibration worksheet

The fertiliser spreader worksheet (link below) is a four page document broken down by topic. It explains in a simple format the basics of setting up a fertiliser spreader, calibration method for most twin disc spreaders, as well as the characteristics of fertiliser and how they can be assessed. There is also a section which looks at the latest fertiliser spreader technology. 

Fertiliser Calibration Sheet (PDF)

Fertiliser Calibration Video Series

A series of videos to go with the information these are approximately 5 mins each and will take you through each aspect. 

The Precise Application of Fertiliser May 2017

  • Spreading Fertiliser Evenly - The Spreader

    The most important aspect when buying a fertiliser spreader is to have one that can spread the fertiliser evenly across the bout width from tram line to tram line to ensure all areas of the field get the desired amount of fertiliser

  • Setting your Fertiliser Spreader

    To ensure your fertiliser spreader is set to spread evenly you need to know two things the first is the bout width and the second is what fertiliser will be used. In the video Dermot goes through the steps of setting a spreader

  • Calibrating the fertiliser spreader

    It is very important that you calibrate the fertiliser spreader to ensure the correct rate of fertiliser is going out. In this video Francis Quigley demonstrates the steps to checking the spreader is functioning correctly and how to calibrate it

  • Fertiliser Quality Characteristics

    In order to achieve an even spread of fertiliser you need to consider the physical characteristics of the fertiliser 1. Fertiliser Density 2. Granule Size 3. Granule Shape 4. Granule Hardness