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Nutrient Deficiencies

Locations of Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms

The table below is a guide to the symptoms of possible nutrient deficiency in a range of crops. The nutrients mobility within the plant will help identify the nutrient deficiency. For example symptoms caused by deficiencies of an “immobile” nutrient will occur on the upper or younger leaves. The older leaves will remain green and free of symptoms because these immobile nutrients do not move or translocate from them.

NutrientPosition on plantChlorosis?Leaf margin necrosis?Colour & leaf shape
N All leaves Yes No Yellowing of leaves & leaf veins
P Older leaves No No Purplish patches
K Older leaves Yes Yes Yellow patches
Mg Older leaves Yes Yes Yellow patches
Ca Young leaves Yes No Deformed leaves
S Young leaves Yes No Yellow leaves
Mn, Fe Young leaves Yes No Interveinal chlorosis
B, Zn, Cu, Mo Young leaves -- -- Deformed leaves