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SAOL (Soil Analysis Online)

SAOL (Soil Analysis On line) is major new service for adding value to soil analysis from Johnstown Castle soil laboratory. This is a computer based program developed by Teagasc which will now give on line access to soil analysis results from Johnstown Castle to their clients. This has many benefits from faster soil analysis results to more efficient annual fertiliser planning. This new programme is available to all Teagasc clients and advisors at https://saol.teagasc.ie

Regular Soil Analysis & Instant Access

Soil analysis is a key component to optimum crop nutrition and controlling fertiliser costs on farm. Indications are that fertiliser prices will continue to rise due to the cost of oil, the increasing demand and tight supplies on the global market. Therefore instant access to reliable soil analysis results are vital to good farm fertiliser planning. SAOL will maintain soil analysis results for up to six years and nutrient advice updated annually.

How to access SAOL?

All Teagasc clients registered to Teagasc on line services will have access to SAOL. The web site address is https://saol.teagasc.ie, to logon to the system use your PPSN as your user name and the password you supplied when you registered for access to client content. To view soil analysis results in SAOL soil samples need to be processed by your local Teagasc advisory office.

How long will soil results be available in SAOL?

SAOL will store soil analysis results for up to 6 years; you can view soil results by clicking on the year that soil samples were analysed. Currently results are available back to 2006. Crop nutrient advice can be updated annually; updated soil reports will be available to view in the year of updating.

What reports are produced in SAOL?

There are 2 reports available in SAOL and can be printed for fertiliser planning etc. The first report is the soil analysis detailed report which is available for each soil sample result. The second report is the soil analysis summary report which will show all reports selected for each year. The summary report is very useful as is shows soil analysis result and nutrient advice for each field.

Will SAOL generate nutrient advice annually?

SAOL will allow nutrient advice to be updated annually based on soil results and field management details. Nutrient advice is based on the most up to date fertiliser advice in the new Green book 3rd ed. 2008. At time of sampling correct farm management details are generally not available, in addition details will change annually e.g. stocking rate / cropping / manure applications etc. This is vital information to tailor nutrient advice as per soil analysis results. This information can be updated annually and current up to date nutrient advice is available to suit each individual farm situation. Nutrient advice is produced on a field by field basis and it is essential to consider whole farm nutrient allowances as per Nitrates Directive.

Access to reliable and up to date soil analysis results are now more than ever a key component to maximizing the return from each kilo of expensive fertilisers and make efficient use of livestock manures. Soil analysis is now a key element to efficient nutrient use for such schemes as the REPS scheme and forms an integral part of farm cross compliance requirements. SAOL will now give instant access to your soil analysis results once analysis is completed by Johnstown Castle. SAOL will maintain your soil analysis results for up to 6 years with the facility to update nutrient advice annually.

For more informaiton about using SAOL, please see the local Teagasc adviser.