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Soil Results

All advisory soil samples analysed through Teagasc in 2016 show that 11% of soils had pH, P and K levels in the optimum soil fertility range (pH >6.2 and soil P & K index 3 or 4). This means that 89% of the soils analysed had sub-optimal levels of soil pH, P and K or a combination of all 3. Soil test results indicate that soil P and K levels continue to decline, with 62 and 55% of grassland soils index 1 and 2 for P and K, respectively (for further information see Soil Analysis). There has been a very slight improvement in soil pH over the last number of years (more on tillage soils in 2016).  There is still a large percentage of soils below the optimum pH 6.3 and 6.5 for grassland and tillage soils, respectively. In 2016 results indicate that approximately 63% of grassland and 47% tillage soil samples are below the optimum soil pH targets.

The information is summarised by county for all soil samples and is shown by enterprise within the county, see information below.

Soil Fertility Data 2016

Soil Fertility Data 2015

Soil Fertility Data 2014