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Sustainable Use Directive

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Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides

Reduce the risk of pesticide contamination 

  • Choose the right pesticide product
  • Read and follow the product label 
  • Determine the right amount to purchase and use
  • Don’t spray if rain or strong wind is forecast in the next 48 hours
  • Make sure you are aware of the location of all nearby water courses
  • Comply with any buffer zone specified on the product label to protect the aquatic environment. Mark out the specified buffer zone from the edge of the river or lake or other water course 
  • Never fill a sprayer directly from a water course or carry out mixing, loading or other handling operations beside a water course
  • Avoid spills, stay well back from open drains and rinse empty containers 3 times into the sprayer. 
  • Store and dispose of pesticides and their containers properly
  • Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides (PDF)
  • Herbicide Use in Grassland (PDF)
  • Advice for Farmers and Other Professional Users (PDF)
  • Advice for Gardeners and Household Users (PDF) 
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Background Information

 Triple rinse procedure (PDF)

Control rushes using MCPA safely, correctly, and responsibly

Guide to demonstrate the correct procedures when applying pesticides to grasslands, with an emphasis on rush control by MCPA based products

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