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Horticulture Part-time Courses

Students who do not wish to pursue a full-time horticultural programme with Teagasc can opt to complete a single module or a number of modules on a part-time basis where available. Examples of modules available are listed below. Please contact Teagasc College of Amenity Horticulture, National Botanic Gardens or Teagasc College of Horticulture, Kildalton for further information.

Plant Identification & Use (Level 5 Component Award – QQI 5N2527)

Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to identify a wide range of plants, their characteristics and use in different horticultural situations. A plant portfolio will be completed as part of the assessment.

Horticulture Mechanisation (Level 5 Component Award – QQI 5N2527)

The course will equip students with the knowledge, skills and competence to operate and maintain a range of hand and powered horticultural machinery and implements. It is designed for people who wish to further their knowledge and experience of the safe use and maintenance of a wide range of hand and pedestrian operated equipment used in the horticultural sector.

Fruit and Vegetable Production (Level 5 Component Award – QQI 5N2552)

This course is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the production of food crops, or for those with a general interest in horticulture. Students will be taught the skills to grow and manage a wide variety of fruit and vegetables across all seasons.

Landscape Construction & Maintenance (Level 5 Component Award – QQI 5N1908)

Learn how to construct and maintain hard and soft landscape features. Suitable for those interested in planning and building gardens and care of plants. It is suitable for those interested in pursuing a career in the landscape sector.

Plant Propagation (Level 5 Component Award – QQI 5N2547)

Students will be taught the propagation of a wide range of plants. This course outlines the principles of division, layering & grafting. Learn to take a range of cuttings and carry out bench grafting amongst other things.

Plant Protection (Level 5 Component Award – QQI 5N2546)

Learn how to protect plants and horticultural crops from the harmful effects of weeds, pests and diseases, and to select appropriate safe and sustainable control measures. Designed for anyone involved in the management and care of plants.

Ecology & the Environment (Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3624)

This course is designed for those currently employed in any area of horticulture who would like to deepen their scientific and applied knowledge in the area of ecology & environment. The student will learn how to assist in the management of the natural environment.

Garden Centre Operations (Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3609)

A course for those employed in the sector and wish to deepen their knowledge of the retailing of plants and
associated products. The Nursery Stock Production course would be complementary to this course.

Landscape Design & Construction (Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3620)

For those already employed in the landscape sector, this course will provide you with the knowledge to
plan a landscape project and to take that plan to the design, specification, and construction stage. The
course will help develop a better understanding of design principles of gardens, and how a range of
garden features are constructed.

Market Gardening (Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3610)

This course is aimed at those employed in the area of fruit and vegetable production, market gardening,
as well as garden centre staff who need to answer questions from customers on all aspects of fruit and
vegetable production. This course delivers the skills to plan and implement a production programme for
a full range of fruit and vegetable crop

Nursery Stock Production (Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3610)

This course is designed for those working in the sector who wish to deepen their scientific and
applied knowledge of professional plant propagation. Students will learn to perform operations in a nursery stock plant production unit. 

Sportsturf Science and Maintenance Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3623)

For those already employed in the sportsturf management, in particular golf courses, sports fields/
pitches, equestrian or any other facility using natural turf. The course will equip students with the knowledge
to manage all the factors that influence the development, quality and maintenance of sportsturf in Ireland.

Tree and Shrub Management (Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3624)

This course is designed for those employed in a sector where selection, establishment and care of trees and
shrubs is part of their role. It is suitable for those working in parks or garden management, nurseries, garden centres, or sportsturf facilities. Students learn about planning and maintenance of trees and shrubs.

Garden and Parks Supervision (Level 6 Component Award – QQI 6N3607)

This course is deigned to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence to supervise amenity areas such as parks and gardens. This course is suited to people who are currently pursuing careers in the amenity horticulture sector.