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Practical Learning in Foreign Countries

Learners are encouraged to undertake PLP in overseas countries. Such PLP arrangements must be organised through a supervisory agency which is registered with Teagasc.

Registered Agency

The registered agency must be able to:

  • Provide a safe and appropriate location for PLP.
  • Supervise the PLP.
  • Provide induction training for learners when they arrive in the foreign country.
  • Ensure there is adequate insurance cover at the learning location. 
  • Act as a point of first contact should problems arise. 
  • Take appropriate action to solve any problems arising. 
  • Advise Teagasc regarding the general suitability of agricultural hosts. 
  • Report any accidents to the supervisory agency within 24 hours for onward notification to Teagasc.


Learners who complete foreign PLP must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Complete a Foreign PLP Disclaimer form and return it to the PLP Officer. 
  • Source their own personal accident/travel insurance and medical insurance cover before commencing foreign PLP. Teagasc does not provide travel or personal accident insurance for learners on foreign PLP.
  • Organise flights and work visas required for foreign PLP. 
  • Attend an induction meeting organised by the appointed approved foreign supervisory agency prior to the arrival on the host farm. 
  • Report any accidents that may occur during PLP to the supervisor on the farm or to the agency.
  • Act in a professional and safe manner while on PLP. 
  • Take responsibility for any costs associated with early termination of a foreign PLP.

Foreign PLP can only be recognised for certification purposes if approved by Teagasc before PLP commence.