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Entrance Exams

Entrance Exam to Agricultural Colleges for 2017/2018 - Level 5 Certificate in Agriculture

Applications for Level 5 Certificate in Agriculture close on Friday 26th May 2017.

A standardised entrance exam will be held at each college. This means that applicants who have applied to a number of colleges will only be required to sit one entrance exam

The Standardised Entrance Exam will be held on Monday 26th June at 11am at each college.

  • Applicants who have applied to more than one college will receive a letter from each college with regard to the entrance exam.
  • Applicants should attend the entrance exam at the college most convenient to them and should notify that college of their intention to attend.

Applicants who applied to a number of colleges, will have their exam results transferred to all the other colleges to which they applied.

Applicants may be offered a place at more than one college and should only accept the offer to the college of their choice.

Exam Guidelines (This is a guideline only - specific details may change)

The entrance exam will consist of 40 short agriculture related questions. Typically there will be:

  • 5 general questions - these may be very general and/or agriculturally related (e.g. topical issues such as recent farming press articles)
  • 10 farm calculations based on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, use of percentages
  • 25 farm related questions across livestock, crops, machinery, safety, farm environment, simple plant and animal biology
  • Entrance Exam - Sample Questions (218KB, PDF)
  • MOBILE PHONES are not allowed in the exam hall
  • Desk calculators are allowed
  • Exam duration: one hour
  • Applicants may be required to show their ID on the day, (Photographic ID i.e. Drivers Licence/Passport or official PPSN documentation i.e. Social Service card/Drug payments Card or written confirmation from your Social Welfare Office)

Exam Support/Special Requirements

  • Students who require exam support or have special requirements must inform the college well in advance (each college will provide a form for this purpose to applicants)
  • Applicants are required to supply written medical/professional evidence of disability/special requirements along with this form. Please ensure that this medical /professional evidence is provided to the college in advance


  • To avoid confusion, applicants with queries in respect to their application should contact or correspond directly with the relevant college(s)

Means Testing

  • All Teagasc student maintenance grants are means tested
  • Details of maintenance grant and means testing arrangements will be provided to successful applicants on offer of a place