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View our video galleries on Horticulture Enterprise and College Open Days

Horticultural Apprenticeship Employers Webinar

On Friday, 17th May a live webinar took place regarding key updates on the Horticultural Apprenticeship Programme, aimed at both SOLAS Approved Employers and Employers interested in, or undergoing, the approval process for taking part in the Programme.

The webinar covers key dates for 2024-2025 intake of Apprentices, overview of SOLAS Approval Process & commitments required by Employers / Apprentice Mentors.
Session includes Q&A with attendees, breakdown of overall Programme structure & testimonials.


Information Webinar about Teagasc Horticultural Apprenticeships

The Wonder of Horticulture

What use are 1,000 bramble specimens? How can collections of dead plants help with sustainability and climate change? Why are Botanic Gardens Important? Do you have to be interested in horticulture to have a future in the industry? These and other questions are explored in this fascinating video.

  • Sustaining Plant Diversity into the Future

    Sustaining Plant Diversity into the Future - Teagasc & the National Botanic Gardens Science Week 2020. This video was introduced by Damien O'Reilly.

  • A Taste of the Future

    A Taste of the Future - Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre (Science Week 2020)

Horticulture Enterprises

  • Overview of Horticulture Enterprise - Episode 1

  • Landscape Enterprise - Episode 2

  • Propagation and Trees Enterprise - Episode 3

  • Grass Turf Enterprise

  • Fruit & Vegetables Enterprise

College Open Days

  • Virtual College Open Day March 2021 - Episode 1

  • Virtual College Open Day June 2020 - Episode 2