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Dairy Herd

The college calved down 194 cows in Spring 2019. The dairy cows are 100% spring - calving. Cows began calving in the thrid week of January and finish in mid April. All heifer calves are kept as replacements while the majority of bulls are sold at the mart. It is a split herd of Holstein Fresian and Jersey - cross breds. There are 100 grazing paddocks on the college farm (80 experimental and 20 for other use). In conjunction with Teagasc Moorepark Animal & Grassland & Innovation Programme the college is at present examining the implications for grazing tetraploid and diploid grass swards, with and without white clover using two rates of nitrogen. 


At peak yield our cows milk 23 litres/cow per day. We have a 20 unit dairymaster swiftflo bailing milking parlour with milkmeters and ACRs. Moomonitors+ are also used. During lactation we target an annual concentrate budget of 400kg per cow. During Spring we typically feed 3-5 kg per day and 0.5-1 kg per day during the summer months.

Jersey x Fresian Cows

See attached the benifets of having Jersey x Holstein Fresian cross cows in your herd. 

 Benefits of having Holstein Fresian x Jersey Cow Cross

Milk Figures

Figures for May 2019:

Protein: 3.55
Butterfat 4.2
Somatic Cell Count (SCC) 85
Total Bacteria Count (TBC) 5


Clonakilty Agricultural College - Milk Report - May 2019