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Teagasc National Soil Greenhouse Gas Test Platform

Provides researchers and industry with a high resolution, automated infrastructure to examine the efficacy and derive emission factors of a range of novel fertiliser, bioactives, bio-stimulants, manure and digestate additives.

National Soil Greenhouse Gas Test Platform



  • Replicated automated chamber measurements of CO2, CH4 and N2O.
  • High resolution temporal emissions data to ensure high emission periods are observed.
  • Automated data processing.
  • Emission factor quantification.
  • Efficacy evaluation of fertiliser, manure and other soil additives.
  • Evaluation of soil type effects on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Link with standard static chamber infrastructure.
  • Potential access to agronomy, soil chemical and microbial facilities.


Karl Richards karl.richards@teagasc.ie
James Rambaud  james.rambaud@teagasc.ie