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Signpost Advisory Programme

Teagasc are setting up a new, targeted advisory programme to support climate and sustainability actions on farms. This new public good programme will be available to all farmers. It will build on the network of Signpost Demonstration Farms by providing enhanced advisory and training support to farmers to commit to, select and implement climate and sustainability actions that will be appropriate and impactful on their farms. Participating farmers will be given the opportunity to commit to taking action for their farms.

A “Know My Number – Make My Plan” component of the programme, supported by the Sustainability Digital Platform, will allow farmers to see and understand their carbon emissions and sequestration profile as a baseline on which to act. A team of 30 advisors will commence the programme in 2023.

With advisory support, farmers will make a plan to improve by adopting positive changes and technologies, and advisors will help them with the implementation of the plan, and tracking of progress.
This will also create trust and build capacity for supporting the adoption of new technologies as they emerge. The ambition of the programme is to engage with 50,000 farmers between now and 2030.

Milestones for the Signpost Advisory Programme

Infographic image. Full details are below.

Sign up for the Teagasc Signpost Advisory Programme

Click here to sign up for the Signpost Advisory Programme: Sign up

Sign up to avail of:

  1. Signpost workshops and short training courses, focused on climate actions, including mitigation and adaptation measures;
  2. An assessment of your current climate actions;
  3. A farm specific Signpost Action Plan;
  4. One-to-one Climate Action advice from a Teagasc Advisor;
  5. Invitations to Signpost Farms farm walks and seminars;
  6. Invitations to participate in thematic discussion groups;
  7. Support in the implementation of your farm’s Nutrient Management Plan;
  8. Digital newsletters, updates and text messages, including the monthly Signpost e-Newsletter;
  9. Support in interpreting your farm’s GHG emissions and carbon footprint, including the opportunity for benchmarking your farm’s performance against industry targets