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Enhance Adaptation

Plan how to adapt our production systems to be more resilient as we prepare for increased risk of higher temperatures, drought and more regular extreme weather events.

Immediate actions include:

The production and management of resilient grasses and forages for the future Irish grass-based production systems; new crops and cropping systems; new pest and weed control.

Posssible impact of climate change on Irish Agriculture

Current projections for Irish climate for the middle of the present century suggest:

  • Winters will be significantly warmer than at present
  • Summers will also be warmer with the greatest warming away from the coasts.
  • Winters are likely to be wetter in most parts, by up to 20% in the west, while summers are likely to be drier 


Adaptations required may include:

  • earlier planting and harvesting dates
  • capital investment in irrigation equipment
  • dealing with relatively rare plant diseases
  • farm animals suffererig more from a range of tick-borne pathogens.

Farmers will also need to be aware of opportunities which arise as a result of adverse changes in agriculture elsewhere in the EU. Adverse impacts of climate change on agricultural production elsewhere in the EU may create new market opportunities

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