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Research Infrastructure

National Agricultural Sustainability Research and Innovation Centre (NASRIC)

A new National Agricultural Sustainability Research and Innovation Centre is being established at Teagasc Johnstown Castle. This new Centre will expand and enhance the current Teagasc Research and Innovation activities at the Teagasc Environment Research Centre. Read more about NASRIC here.

Methane Green Feeds

Across the entire organisation, Teagasc has some of the most up to-date andadvanced research technology for measuring both enteric and manure methane emissions. Centres at Grange, Moorepark and Athenry, all have the capacity to measure individual feed intake, which is a critical factor influencing the quantity of enteric methane emitted by ruminant livestock. Read more about Methane Green Feeds here

Manure methane

Farm scale pilot biogas anaerobic digester 

Pilot manure storage facility

National Agricultural Soil Carbon Observatory (NASCO)

The National Agricultural Soil Carbon Observatory (NASCO) was funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). Establishment is currently underway and will include 28 Eddy Covariance Flux Towers located on benchmark sites including agricultural grasslands, mineral soils and peatlands. 

Eddy Covariance is a micro-meteorological technique used to directly measure the rate of CO2 exchange between the atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems. Read more about NASCO here

National Soil Greenhouse Gas Test Platform

The Soil Greenhouse Gas Test Platform provides researchers and industry with a high resolution, automated infrastructure to examine the efficacy and derive emission factors of a range of novel fertiliser, bioactives, bio-stimulants, manure and digestate additives. Read more about the Soil Greenhouse Gas Test Platform here

National Farm Survey

The National Farm Survey and sustainability assessment for the ongoing assessment of sustainability across Irish farm enterprises. The main uses of the data are; financial, research, policy, farm advice/benchmark performance, National data on agriculture.

Deriving a sustainability indicator set is difficult. It requires detailed, accurate and consistent farm-level measurements and data across a wide range of physical, socioeconomic and demographic farm attributes. The Teagasc National Farm Survey (NFS) provides such a dataset. Find out about the national Farm Survey here


The sustainability indicators used in these reports are grouped into four categories:

  • economic
  • environmental
  • social
  • innovation

Find out more about the sustainability reports here

Bioprocess Innovation Suite

Bioprocessing is a process that uses living organisms to produce a desired, value-added product. These processes have the capacity to transform low value products, including waste streams into higher value products with enhanced functional properties, extended shelf-life and improved safety. The development of the Bioprocess Innovation Suite in Teagasc Moorepark alongside the longstanding expertise of Teagasc food scientists and the facilities available at the onsite pilot plant, Moorepark Technology Ltd. is the latest expansion in Teagasc's Cultures, Fermentation and Biotransformation research platform. Read more about the Bioprocess Innovation Suite

Signpost Programme

The Signpost  programme is a multi-annual campaign to lead climate action by all Irish farmers. The programmes aims to achieve early progress in reducing gaseous emissions from Irish agriculture and also:

  • improve water quality
  • maintain and in some cases improving bio-diversity
  • reduce costs and create more profitable and sustainable farming enterprises. Read more about the Signpost Programme