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Tom Tierney Farm Updates

June 2022

Crop Yield

Crops are looking well with good colour and low levels of disease present.  My winter oats are at ear emergence and have only received an application Talius to date (25th May) for mildew control. At present mildew is moving in the crop and it will sprayed over the coming days with 2.5 l of sulphur and  Verology ra at 1L/ha. The crop looks to have good yield potential having received 90units of N as CAN27% and 1 application of 7 units melted Urea foliar feed. 

Winter Barley

Winter barley received it last fungicide in the 22nd May.  The crop has very low levels of disease to date which I believe is due to reducing the crops N loading.  I have taken a more feeding approach to supplying the crops nitrogen during the growing season.  The crop has received 128units/ac of N applied form two sources. Firstly, 100 units/ac of CAN (27%) plus 4 foliar application of melted Urea at 7 units/ac in each application. Both of these crops have received no P and K due high soil fertility levels (Index 4).

Winter Wheat

My winter wheat is following spring beans and is very clean despite having received no fungicide at either the leaf 1 or leaf 2 spray timings.  At these timings the crop received NTS foliar nutrition of Silca + Trio + Trical + EspoTop at the leaf 2 timing and Silca + Ca, Mg & B + Seaweed at the leaf 2 spray timing.  At time of writing the crop is at flag leaf fully emerged and free of disease to the base.  I will continually monitor this crop for disease and hold out for as long as I can on applying a fungicide.  The crop will receive a further foliar feed at ear emergence +/- a fungicide depending on disease level development.  Last year I grew a crop of spring wheat without fungicide and this year I am looking at trialling a crop of winter wheat to see how far I can reduce my fungicide applications. 

Spring Barley

My spring barley is planet for malting and was mid-April sown.  The crop is looking extremely well with good tillering, colour and vigour. The crop has received all its nitrogen (74 units/ac) and first fungicide is complete. I will further assess the crop for disease levels at awns peeping and plan my fungicide application based on disease levels in the crop.  This crop will receive foliar nutrition also at a later date.