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 Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in Climate Change for Agriculture



  1. Lime - The Forgotten Fertiliser
  2. Getting the Most From Your Slurry
  3. Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Irish Farms. (pdf)
  4. Save Money by Using Protected Urea (pdf)
  5. Protected Urea (pdf) 
  6. Practical Steps to Reduce Chemical Nitrogen (pdf)
  7. Clover (pdf)
  8. Multi Species Swards (pdf)
  9. Farmland Biodiversity Management: Linear Habitats (pdf)
  10. Space for Nature: Farmland Biodiversity (pdf)
  11. Signpost Sustainability Self-Assessment (pdf)



Understanding greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) on Irish farms 

In Ireland, agriculture currently contributes 37% of the total GHGs emitted. GHG emissions on Irish farms come primarily from methane belched by cattle and sheep, fertiliser use, animal excrement and diesel. Find out more about these GHGs.

Download Understanding greenhouse gas emissions on Irish farms (PDF) 

The Signpost Programme - Farmers for Climate Action 

The programme booklet gives details on the programme and a plan on how it will operate. Download the Signpost Programme Brochure (PDF)

Agriculture and Climate Change 

This fact pack gives essential information on Greenhouse gases (GHGs) and how these gases relate to agriculture. Download the pack here

Improving Farm Sustainability

Download the booklet here to get more information on seven pratcical actions to improve farm sustainability:

  1. Improved EBI and extending the grazing season
  2. Substituting clover for chemical fertiliser
  3. Changing to protected urea
  4. Reducing losses from slurry
  5. Improved energy efficiency and renewable energy
  6. Incorporating forestry and hedgerows on farm
  7. Using the ASSAP advisors to help improve water quality

Update on Climate Change Policies November 2021 (PDF) 


Checklist - Signpost Sustainability Self-Assessment

Checklist - Signpost Sustainability Self-Assessment (pdf)

Checklist - Measures to reduce GHG emissions on suckler farms 

 Checklist - Measures to reduce GHG Emissions on suckler farms (pdf)

Checklist - Measures to reduce GHG emissions on dairy farms 

 Checklist - Measures to reduce GHG Emissions on dairy farms (pdf) 


Signpost year one results presentation for Signpost webinar October 17th 2022 (PDF)


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