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EPA-Ireland's Provisional GHG Emissions 1990-2021

The Environmental Protection Agency have published the Provisional Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions for 2021. Attached is a summary document outlining Agricultural (GHG) emissions for 2021. While Agriculture had a target to reduce emissions by between 2.2% and 3% for 2021, agricultural emissions actually increased by 3%. This means that Agriculture has a target of reducing GHG emission by between 7.4% and 9% for 2022 to get back on track of meetings its emission reduction targets. The one piece of good news for 2021 was lime usage increased by 49.5%.

The use of lime on productive lands, the use of protected urea instead of urea and CAN, a reduction in chemical fertiliser use, the culling of marginal/empty cows and earlier finishing of beef will need to accelerate in use for 2022 and 2023 to meet Agricultural emission reduction commitments.

Ireland's Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2021 - Summary (PDF)


Infographic taken from EPA Report: