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Signpost Explained

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What is the Signpost programme?

The Signpost  programme  is a  multi-annual campaign to lead climate action by all Irish farmers. The programmes aims to achieve early progress in reducing gaseous emissions from Irish agriculture and also:

  • improve water quality
  • maintain and in some cases improving bio-diversity
  • reduce costs and create more profitable and sustainable farming enterprises.

It will also act as a test bed for on-farm carbon sequestration measurements so that this can, in time, be taken into account by the EPA in the national Greenhouse Gas inventory. It is a collaborative programme, led by Teagasc and includes all relevant industry partners and state bodies such as Bord Bia.

Programme Objectives

  1. To lead and support the transition of Irish farming towards more sustainable farming systems;
  2. To reduce agricultural emissions, specifically,
    • To reduce GHG emissions to the range 17.5 – 19.0 MtCO2 eq. by 2030; and
    • To reduce ammonia emissions by 5% below 2005 levels, currently estimated at 107.5 kT NH3, also by 2030;
  3. To reduce other negative environmental impacts of agriculture, specifically, to improve water quality and to improve biodiversity); and
  4. To reduce costs and improve margins from farming.

Elements of the programme

There are two elements to the programme:

  1. A network of Signpost Farms, which will act as demonstration farms for the programme and sites for carbon sequestration measurements. These will point the way forward towards climate smart farming, and are central to the second element, 
  2. The Signpost Advisory campaign, this will engage with all farmers and support them to move towards more sustainable farming systems.

Signpost Farms

The Signpost Farms will:

  • showcase the science based technologies which can reduce agricultural emissions;
  • act as “hubs” for the Signpost Advisory campaign; and
  • create a national network of farms where carbon sequestration in grassland and hedgerows can be be examined.

Signpost Advisory campaign

The Signpost Advisory campaign will mobilise all advisers- Teagasc, private and industry -  to engage with all farmers, using a combination of channels, in climate action.