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View Signpost Farmers use their carbon footprint to make a plan

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Increasing Farm Biodiversity

Why Farmers are Engaging with Climate Action

First Steps to Reducing Green House Gas Emissions on Farms

Why Use Protected Urea in 2022

Practical Steps to Improving Soil Health

Spring nutrient advice for 2022

John Bergin, Teagasc Dairy Adviser, Mullinavat, Kilkenny discusses ways to reduce reliance on chemical nitrogen in 2022

View introductory Signpost videos below from tillage farmers John Crowley and Tom Barry and information on cover crops from Tom Barry and Vincent Macken

  • Tom Barry - Cover Crops

  • Vincent Macken - Cover Crops

  • Tom Barry Signpost Tillage Farmer Cork

  • John Crowley Signpost Tillage Farmer Wexford

Signpost Farmers use their carbon footprint to make a plan

The carbon footprint of a farm refers to the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted for every kg of milk or meat produced. Certified dairy and beef farmers receive a Farmer Feedback Report from Bord Bia’ This includes the farm’s carbon footprint, calculated using a model developed by Teagasc.

  • Future Beef farmer John Barry

    Michael Daly, Teagasc Drystock Advisor, joins suckler farmer John Barry in Co. Tipperary, to analyse the results of his audit report from Bord Bia and suitable actions he can take to reduce emissions.

  • Kerry Agribusiness farmer Alex McCarthy

    Tom O'Connor, Teagasc Dairy Advisor, joins dairy farmer Alex McCarthy in Co. Limerick, to analyse the results of his Bord Bia audit report and suitable actions he can take to reduce emissions.

How is your farm carbon footprint calculated?

Dr. Eleanor Murphy from @Bord Bia explains more about the Farmer Feedback Report which farmers receive after a Bord Bia audit.

View a range of relevant videos below

  • Its Time to Lime

    To achieve maximum performance is important to utilise lime on grassland to correct the soil pH. Séamus Nolan, Teagasc Dairy Advisor in Roscommon/Longford, gives advice on proper application for different soil types and explains the economic benefits of spreading lime.

  • Guidance on Fertiliser and Grazing Management in summer

    Good grazing management and fertiliser management through the summer is key to maintaining sward white clover content. Deirdre Hennessy, Teagasc Researcher at Moorepark provides guidance on fertiliser and grazing management at this time of the year

  • Managing Oversown Clover

    Oversown clover needs careful management this time of the year to ensure good establishment and persistency. Mike Egan, Teagasc researcher at Moorepark provides an update on how to manage oversown clover at this time of yea

  • Understanding Carbon Sequestration

  • 5 Steps to Enhancing Carbon Sequestration

  • Reducing methane emissions from Irish agriculture

  • Reducing Ammonia Emissions from Irish Agriculture

  • Low Emission Slurry Spreading - LESS

  • Benefits of using Multi Species Grassland Sward