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Nitrates Banding Calculator

Please note, this calculator is only for use as a guide and indication of how banding and possible future nitrate stocking rate limits may impact your farm. 

The calculator is based on ICBF data and is not the final calculation, which will be calculated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The Nitrates Banding Calculator can be downloaded as an excel file at the following link - Nitrates Banding Calculator

How to use the calculator

To use the calculator you must be in Herd Plus. 

Log into ICBF, in the MENU, select ReportsAll Reports Milk ManagementCo-op Performance Report and chose the January report to find the Total Litres and Cow number for the relevant year(s). Enter these figures in the yellow cells in the centre of the page.

Also in ICBF, in the MENU, select ReportsVIEW PROFILES Stock NumbersNitrates Report and chose last year, ALL and Submit. Click on Excel to download the report, select rows 1 to 8, copy and paste into to find the grey area at the top of the page in the Nitrates Banding Calculator.

The only other data needed in the calculator is the total farm area, and grassland area from your BPS application.  Enter these figures in the yellow cells on the left of the page.

The calculator can take up to 30 farms, and comparisons made between them on the “Collation” tab.