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NMP Online

NMP online https://nmp.teagasc.ie is an online system for developing nutrient management plans for environment and regulatory purposes.

It is available to all Agricultural professionals. Please contact the ConnectED office to get access to the system. 

Latest bulletin: NMP Bulletin 34 - May 2024 (PDF) | View previous bulletins here

  • Changes to Crop List, rough grazing
  • ACRES Crops
  • New fertilisers
  • Organic and Chemical fertiliser page improvements
  • Importing Organic manures
  • Sheep/Deer/Horses 6 weeks

NMP Online Helpdesk

Email: nmphelpdesk@teagasc.ie

Number: 059 9170296

NMP Online - How to videos

  • Land Setup - The basics

    With the latest updates to NMP Online your Land Setup page will look a little different. In this video learn to navigate the Land Setup page. Find out what’s new and learn where the layers are located, how to centre your map, what the LB and DB button does.

  • Land Setup - Add LPIS and Draw Plots

    The NMP support team (Teagasc) will take you through how the “Add LPIS” button operates within the upgraded mapping of NMP Online. Saving the land parcel is explained as well as drawing a parcel from start to finish. It also outlines how the new docking feature functions within NMP Online

  • Land Setup - Split and merge plots

    This video outlines how to split and merge plots in the Land Setup page of NMP Online. This is an important tool for users who need to split plots for a client who may have increased paddocks or who need to merge plots. Dialogue boxes both when zoomed in and zoomed out are explained.

  • Land Setup - Snapping explained and how to edit plot boundaries

    In this video NMP support team (Teagasc) will take you through how the “snapping tool” operates in NMP Online. This video will be helpful for a user who need to merge plots that may have been poorly drawn in the past. The “snapping tool” is explained here in detail.

  • Farmyard Map - Farmyard structures, soiled water and storage areas

    This video takes you through how the relevant layers for this mapping page can be highlighted. It outlines how you add various features such as a well, a tree or a farm structure. It also takes you through positioning farmyard facilities such as soiled water or storage areas on the map.

  • Map Viewer - Measure area and distance

    In this video NMP support team (Teagasc) will take you through how the “Layer control” functions. The video outlines what layers are active by default and goes into detail on the layers that are available. The measuring tool for both distance and area is also demonstrated.

  • Map Viewer - Print maps and clone settings

    This video takes you through how to create and print pdf’s of maps in NMP Online. It outlines how to create the map, set the scale, move the map if necessary. How to use clone settings is demonstrated in detail. This useful tool will absolutely save NMP Online users a lot of time.

  • NMP online training webinar

    NMP online mapping training

Previous Bulletins


NMP Bulletin 33 - April 2024 (pdf)

  • NMP Fixes on soiled water, Nitrates SR page, soil samples to 2 decimal places

NMP Bulletin 32 - March 2024 (pdf)

NMP Online Data Release Form April 2024 (pdf)

Registering to use NMP online - updated April 2024 (pdf)

NMP Bulletin 31 - March 2024 (pdf)

  • Nitrates Reduced N 5% cut 2024
  • Eco-Scheme N Allowances 2024

NMP Bulletin 30 - February 2024 (pdf)

  • Nitrates Stocking Rate Calculations page in NMP
  • Records and new Records Reports


NMP Bulletin 29 - December 2023 (pdf)

  • Commonage adjustment 2023
  • New Ortho Layer 2023

NMP Bulletin 28.20 – Dairy Washings – November 2023 (pdf)

NMP Bulletin 27 - November 2023 (pdf)

  • New Maps layers in NMP (220 map, OM map)
  • Water Protection Layers (PIP-N/P, P flow delivery points and paths)
  • Hay/Silage for sale
  • Messages on Land and fert max page

Addition to NMP Bulletin 26 - User Update ACTION Required (pdf)

  • Plan settings - derogation applied for in current year

NMP Bulletin 26 - October 2023 (pdf)

  • Soiled water, Farmer plans, custom animal and custom non-animal manures, Livestock and housing page amalgamated, Lime page

NMP Bulletin 25 - March 2023 (pdf)

  • Three new dairy cows and banding
  • Dairy washings calculations
  • P&K layers
  • Organic fertiliser page changes due to change in P content of slurry

NMP Bulletin 24 - February 2023 (pdf)

  • Archiving Clients as an agency owner


NMP Bulletin 23 - December 2022 (pdf)

  • Soil Sample report Generator

NMP Bulletin 22 - September 2022 (pdf)

  • Cattle Slurry N and P content changes
  • Imports and exports changes

NMP Bulletin 21 - Mar 2022 (pdf)

  • Nitrates Update 2022
  • Commonage and Rough Grazing (commonage in plan summary)
  • 10% N reduction
  • OSI Basemap for watercourses
  • Soil sample template - top tips


NMP Bulletin 20 - Oct 2021 (pdf)

  • Videos on the upgraded mapping pages

NMP Bulletin 19 - Aug 2021 (pdf) - User Manual on mapping for NMP

NMP Bulletin 18 - August 2021 (pdf)

  • Farmer plans screen (locked, derogation, P Build-up, Records, etc.)
  • Soil reports, filtering home screen, 2nd crops


NMP Webinar 1st July 2020 – Bulletin 16 & 17 & SFP (Video)

NMP Bulletin 17 April 2020 (pdf)

  • Commonage and Rough Grazing changes

NMP Bulletin 16 April 2020 (pdf)

  • Transferring plans from Agency to Agency
  • Sustainable Fertiliser plan tips


NMP Bulletin 15 September 27th 2019 (pdf)

  • Importing and exporting manures (replaced by Bulletin 22)

NMP Bulletin 14 14 May 2019 (pdf) 

Issue 13 NMP Bulletin (February 2019) (pdf) 

  • Derogation Overview
  • GLAS lands and NMP

Organic Matter Layer within NMP online (pdf)

How to Check if a GLAS NMP has been submitted correctly (pdf)


Using NMP online to calculate volumes of Slurry (October 2018) (pdf)

NMP Online Update 12 (August 2018) (pdf)

NMP Online Update 11 (April 2018) (pdf)


NMP Online Update 10 (August 2017) (pdf)

  • Submitting a GLAS NMP

Register to use NMP Online (ConnectEd Clients) (pdf)

Register to use NMP Online (Teagasc & FRS staff) (pdf)

NMP Online Update 9 - Submitting GLAS NMP's and Maps (pdf)

NMP Online Update 8 - Instructions for producing and submitting records (pdf)

NMP Online Update 7 - March 2017 (pdf)

NMP Online Update 6.1 - GLAS NMP guidelines Revised 05 Jan 2017 (pdf)


NMP User Manual 2016 (pdf)

NMP Online Update 6 - GLAS NMP guidelines (pdf)

NMP Online Update 5 - Using Plan Safety in NMP Online (pdf)

NMP Online Update 4 - Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

NMP Online Update 3 - N June 20, 2016 (pdf)

NMP Online Update 2 - Soil pH and Liming June 15, 2016 (pdf)

NMP Online Update 1 - June 10, 2016 (pdf)

Using NMP online to create a GLAS NMP (pdf)

Ploughing - NMP presentation (pdf)