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ICONICA Project Plan

Measurement and Modelling Approach

This multidisciplinary programme of research will consist of measurement and modelling approaches. Based on existing data, scenarios will be classified according to soil C:N:P stoichiometry to map the initial nutrient status. A suitable soil sampling strategy across the range of scenarios will ensure that the impact of P management on soil C sequestration and stabilization can be evaluated. We hypothesise that functional relationships to predict nutrient cycling and supply for grassland production can be derived as a function of the genetic potential of soil microbiota, C, N and P management, and pedo-climatic factors. These will be used to aid the development of soil nutrient advice.

Work Programmes (WP)

WP1: Characterisation of C stocks across C:N:P stoichiometry senarios - Macroscale. Leader - Teagasc

WP2: Understanding the role of long-term P management on the dynamic interactions of SOc and GHG emissions - Mesoscale. Leader - Lincoln University NZ

WP 3: Quantifying impacts of long-term P management on microbiomes, microbial carbon use efficiency, C cycling and GHG emissions. - Microscale. Leader University of Otago, NZ

WP4: Effect of long-term P management on agronomic yield and GHG emissions. - Field Scale. Leader - Teagasc

WP5: Modelling the relationships between P management, soil fertility and GHG balance. Leader - Paris-Saclay University, France

WP 6: Communication and Dissemination. Leader - Justus Liebig University, Giessen 

WP 7: Coordination and Management. Leader - Teagasc

 Graphic illustration of the 7 work plans in the ICONICA project. All details are in text above