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Teagasc Manual on Drainage and Soil Management

A Best Practice Manual for Ireland's Farmers 2nd Edition

Cover image Soil Drainage manual

Soil drainage poses particular challenges in Ireland. The great variety of soils and soil problems means that every drainage challenge on mineral soils is unique. Careful investigation of the site; professional diagnosis; prudent assessment of the costs/benefits; expert implementation of a planned project and due consideration of environmental factors are all essential.

The Teagasc Manual on Drainage and Soil Management is laid out to quickly provide answers for readers seeking information on any aspect of drainage or soil management. Each section begins with a brief introduction and a list of the questions addressed within it. The questions are repeated in the section to ensure easy ‘navigation’

The manual can be downloaded here Teagasc Manual on Drainage (pdf). A hard copy version can be purchased for €40. To order please contact Oakpark Reception on +353 (0)59 9170200 or Email to info@teagasc.ie Discount available to Teagasc Clients

Sections in the Manual

Section 1: Rainfall, Landscape, Soils 

  • Rainfall and drainage 
  • Soil and drainscapes 

Section 2: Managing and Protecting Soils                             

  • An Introduction to soil health 
  • Managing wet and weak soils 
  • Managing livestock on heavy land soils 

Section 3: Drainage Legislation, Environmental Losses and Solutions

  • Statutory obligations when draining land 
  • Reducing the Environmantal impact 

Section 4: Diagnosing a Drainage Problem and Finding a Solution                                   

  • Diagnosing the Problem 
  • Main drainage systems 
  • Groundwater drainage systems 
  • Shallow drainage systems

Section 5: Implementing the Solution

  • Managing a drainage project
  • Maintenance 

Section 6: Drainage as an Investment 

  • The Economics of land drainage
  • Performance of land drainage systems