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Karen Daly

View below media clips, webinars and podcasts featuring Karen.

Teagasc Research Insights Webinar - Why we need healthy soils?

Sep 15, 2020

The second webinar in a series of Teagasc Research Insights Webinars was entitled ‘Why do we need healthy soils?’ Teagasc researchers Dr. Karl Richards, Dr. Fiona Brennan, Dr. Karen Daly and Prof. Owen Fenton discuss why soils are essential for life on earth, providing food, clean water and habitats for biodiversity, contributing to climate resilience and supporting our cultural heritage and landscapes.

Soil Insights - Why we need healthy soils?

Sep 9, 2020

Environment - Why we need healthy soils - webinar - Teagasc | Agriculture and Food Development Authority

The second webinar in a series of Teagasc Research Insights Webinars focusing on soils was entitled 'Why we need healthy soils?'. Teagasc researchers Fiona Brennan, Karen Daly and Owen Fenton joined Karl Richards, Head of Environment, Soils & Land Use to discuss soil health


Phosphorus - Interactions with soil and water webinar - The Signpost Series

Jun 19, 2020

The Research Field Podcast

Nov 01, 2019

Karen Daly describes how Irish soil science was born in medieval Johnstown Castle with funds from the US Marshall Aid Plan. Daire O hUallacháin illuminates the extent of the decline in Irish biodiversity from abandoned Aran Islands farms to the mainland dairy farms. Irish river systems are under pressure from excess nutrients and climate impacts. Per Erik Mellander describes some of the findings from monitoring of diverse Irish river systems over 10 years. Find out about the upcoming plans for Teagasc’s ‘Festival of Farming and Food’ this Science Week. Diarmuid Sheehan, Kieran Jordan, Kieran Meade and Rob O’Hara feature in news.

Three: Soil Science; Biodiversity & Farming; River Monitoring