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Sreenty / Corduff Catchment

The Sreenty/Corduff area comprises of two adjoining catchments and is located north west of Carrickmacross in Co. Monaghan. The northern catchment drains into Lough Namachree, locally known as Sreenty Lake and  the southern one is drained by a stream.  Water quality in the stream-drained catchment is monitored using a bank-side analyser as in all the other catchments in the Programme. 

The catchment is approximately 650ha in area and is all grassland. The main farming enterprise is beef production with some dairying and sheep. The soils in the catchment are quite impermeable and the landscape type is typical of the Drumlins with its pattern of small hills and lakes. Given the soil type and topography phosphorus is the main nutrient at risk of loss.

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