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Farmer newsletter

Farmers play a key role in our programme and without their participation, the work could not continue. Featuring a number of articles from staff, the purpose of these newsletters is to keep farmers informed about our work and to enhance their already strong role in the programme.

December 2019

September 2019



Recent articles

  • Holding onto the country’s derogation: Two million water samples over the past nine years, six catchments and 300 farmers; you might not have heard about the Teagasc ACP, but it’s playing a huge role in allowing Ireland to hold onto its nitrates derogation. Information is crucial in securing this derogation and that’s exactly what the ACP provides – lots and lots of information. More in this Agriland article
  • Joe Doyle: Not your average tillage farmer; he installed a robot on his farm in 2014. The land on Joe’s Castledockerell-based holding isn’t stony and the robot wasn’t bought to pick stones. Balancing cereal and milk production in the Castledockerell catchment. More in this AgriLand article
  • The EPA Catchments newsletter features science and stories about the different ways we all work together to care for Ireland’s water ways. In a short article, the Spring 2018 issue highlights the launch of the ACP twitter account and the nearly decade long-work of the programme. The entire newsletter is available at catchments.ie
  • Johnstown Castle Dairy BEEF 2019: Although Irish water is among the best in Europe, there are strong reasons for farmers to work towards improving it. It is possible to have both better water quality and economic performance and more information on some farmer actions is available on pages 100-101 in this booket.
  • Weather and soil type have a significant influence on the nitrate concentration in water. In 2018 there was prolonged drought in Ireland which had a marked influence on stream nitrate levels and findings from the Ballycanew catchment are discussed in this Moorepark19 Open Day booklet on pages 116-117.


TResearch aims to widely disseminate  the important scientific work being undertaken in Teagasc and in other collaborating research institutions. While the primary aim is to communicate Teagasc research, the magazine also aims to improve the public awareness and understanding of agri-food research generally.

  • Phosphorous management for improved water quality. Vol 14 (3), 12-13. Autumn 2019. View
  • Live long and phosphor. Vol 14 (3), 14-15. Autumn 2019. View
  • The beast from the east: how water quality weathered the storm. Vol 14 (3), 16-17. Autumn 2019. View
  • Climate phenomena and catchment water quality. Vol 14 (3), 18-19. Autumn 2019. View
  • Technology acceptance in nutrient management. Vol 13 (4), 30-31. Winter 2018. Download Publication
  • Targeting agricultural runoff hotspots. Vol 11 (4), 20-21. Winter 2016.  Download Publication
  • Ten years of GAP regulations. Vol 11 (3), 24-25.  Autumn 2016.  Download Publication
  • Understanding soil testing on dairy farms. Vol 10 (4), 36-37.  Winter 2015.  Download Publication
  • Dairy farm soils and water quality. Vol 10 (2), 40-41.  Summer 2015.  Download Publication
  • Phosphorus management for sustainable farming. Vol 9 (4), 26-27. Winter 2014.  Download Publication
  • A policy perspective on the ACP. Vol 9 (4), 12-13.  Winter 2014.  Download Publication
  • Groundwater vulnerability in a karst landscape. Vol 9 (2), 38-39. Summer 2014.  Download Publication
  • Sediment sources in our watercourses. Vol 9 (2), 40-41. Summer 2014.  Download Publication
  • Nutrient management plan development. Vol 8 (3), 38-39.  Autumn 2013.  Download Publication
  • A grand challenge – good food, clean water. Vol 7 (4), 20-21.  Winter 2012.  Download Publication
  • Cattle slurry variability.  Vol 7 (4), 22-23.  Winter 2012.  Download Publication
  • Nutrient loads from catchments. Vol 6 (4), 12-13.  Winter 2011.  Download Publication
  • Securing the Derogation.  Vol 6 (1), 14-15.  Spring 2011.  Download Publication
  • Microbial pathogens.  Vol 5 (1), 26-27.  Spring 2010.  Download Publication
  • The ACP.  Vol 4 (2), 8-9.  Summer 2009.  Download Publication
  • The Water Framework Directive.  Vol 4 (1), 35-37.  Spring 2009.  Download Publication



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This magazine is posted every two months to 44,000 Teagasc clients, customers, selected industry leaders and opinion formers. It addresses a wide range of topics of interest to farmers, people living in the countryside, and those with an interest in all aspects of agriculture and food production.

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