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Pillar 6:
A Communications Plan


To develop a Communications Plan to deliver clear, positive and simple messaging to
enhance the understanding of agricultural pressures on water quality, to reinforce the need
for improvement and to highlight positive actions taken by farmers and local communities.

Key Actions:

  • Communication with a range of industry stakeholders to deliver consistent,
    coordinated and targeted messages to support the adoption of the 8-Actions for
    Change to achieve a reduction of nutrient loss to water bodies.
  • Campaign brand and identity (including a campaign logo) built.
  • The ‘Better Farming for Water’ campaign will be included as part of all Teagasc events
    (e.g. open days, conferences; programme launches etc.,)
  • The campaign will be promoted at all showcase events in which Teagasc participates.
  • Regular and timely newsletters distributed to all farmers and maximise usage of social
    media including webinars and podcasts.
  • Annual research conference/event sharing up-to-date information held in conjunction
    with a farm walk.
  • A specific section on the Teagasc website will be developed as a repository of all
    information on the ‘Better Farming for Water’ campaign. This will include relevant
    research projects, reports, press articles, newsletters, farmer profiles and be updated
    on an ongoing basis.

A comprehensive communication effort will be central to the delivery of the ‘Better Farming for Water’ campaign. One of the key elements of the campaign will be the communication of the opportunities to improve water quality within the ‘Better Farming for Water’ campaign and the delivery of key messages regarding best practice farm management and the 8-Actions for Change. Communication will cover a range of audiences including: dairy, beef, sheep and tillage farmers; students; general agri industry and stakeholders.

In order to maximise the reach of the ‘Better Farming for Water’ campaign messages across different audiences a range of communication channels will be used including:

  • Events (farm walks, open days, discussion group meetings, training courses, education courses, public events e.g. the national ploughing championships/shows).
  • Publications (reports, weekly newsletters both print and electronic and articles in farming press)
  • Website will be regularly updated; website to serve as a hub for collation of material for easy access.
  • Media (including local & national TV/radio; local newspapers; farming publications); and
  • Social media (including live streaming of events; podcasts; webinars; YouTube clips; Twitter; and other relevant media).

The initial focus of the communication initiatives will be building brand recognition of the ‘Better Farming for Water’ campaign. All efforts will focus on the clear referencing and identification of all activities/events as being part of the campaign.

Key Deliverables

Q2 2024

Campaign brand and identity established

Q3 2024

Better Farming for Water campaign incorporated into Teagasc organised national events

Q3 2024

Better Farming for Water campaign incorporated into Teagasc dissemination material

Q4 2024

Teagasc Website revised to incorporate a repository of information on water quality