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2022 Farm Safety Competition Winners

Competition Winners

Isabelle Fogarty, Co. Tipperary – Overall Winner

The overall winner of the Stay Safe with Jessy Art Competition was Isabelle Fogarty, age 11, from Cashel, Co. Tipperary.   Isabelle submitted a very colourful and creative 4 in 1 picture.  Isabelle says ‘Don’t be daft, stay away from the PTO shaft’.  Unguarded parts in machinery like PTO shafts are one of the main causes of farm accidents and it is important that machinery being used is suitable for the task, properly maintained with all dangerous parts covered. All machinery should be serviced and maintained on a regular basis. Well done for highlighting this Isabelle.

Isabelle also used a drawing of a horse to highlight the dangers of blind spots, a striking ‘Beware of the Bull’ image, and an image highlighting hygiene and sanitation around the farmyard. 

 Evan Maloney, Co. Laois – 4-6 Category Winner

The category winner in the 4-6 age group category was Evan Maloney from Stradbally, Co. Laois.  Evan cleverly sent us a picture to highlight the dangers of blind spots when using machinery.  Up to 50% of fatalities in agriculture involve a farm vehicle, or machinery, and Evan did great to highlight this.

Cillian Murphy, Co. Mayo – 7-9 Category Winner

The category winner in the 7-9 age group category was Cillian Murphy from Newport, Co. Mayo.  Cillian came up with the concept of a board game in which a number of players can participate to learn the various different dangers on a farm.

Aoife Gallagher, Co. Galway – 10-12 Category Winner

The category winner in the 10-12 age group category was Aoife Gallagher from Gort, Co. Galway.  Aoife sent us a picture of a very angry looking bull wearing a high vis jacket with lightning bolts in his eyes.  The bull in the picture is surrounded by various different safety messages and thankfully is behind the fence!  About a quarter of non-fatal accidents on farms are animal related. Greatest risk accrues when animals are being moved, separated or released. 

Congratulations and well done to all who participated in this year’s Teagasc Farm Safety Competition.