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Meat Technology and Quality

Several challenges face the Irish meat industry on both home and export markets. It must develop new skills, particularly in product innovation and marketing, for competitive success. Our role is to support competitiveness and innovation in the meat industry through a high quality scientifically sound research programme.

Novel post-mortem interventions are being examined with a view to optimising fresh meat quality, while providing economically sound solutions to the industry. The Meat Quality Molecular Biology research programme aims to identify molecular signatures (genes, proteins, metabolites) associated with quality.

Under the Foods for Health initiative, the objective is to increase the concentration of components of meat which are considered to be of benefit to human health, with particular emphasis on fatty acids. Both fresh meat and meat products have been produced with improved fatty acid profile. Research is focusing on bioactive peptides with positive implications for health.

In conjunction with Grange Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, improvement of the fatty acid composition of grass-fed beef is being pursued, through innovative nutritional strategies.

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