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Certificate of Competence Animal Welfare Training

(Teagasc - EC 1099/2009)

Animal Welfare Training Courses

Structure: A one day Certificate of Competence training workshop focusing on all Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and all Local Authority approved Beef, Lamb, Pork and Equine slaughter premises.

Purpose: To enable participants to comply with EC 1099/2009.


An intensive workshop on the application of EC 1099/2009 in the domestic abattoir

  • The Handling and Care of Animals Before they are restrained
  • The Restraint of Animals for the Purpose of Stunning or Killing
  • The Stunning of Animals
  • The Assessment  of Effective Stunning
  • The Shackling or Hoisting of Live Animals
  • The Bleeding of Live Animals
  • The Slaughter of Animals in accordance with EC 1099/2009 Article 4(4),slaughter without prior stunning.

The course covers all 7 competencies and provides the theoretical training necessary for obtaining a Certificate of Competence which is achieved by successful completion of this course AND satisfying the Department of Agriculture nominated Veterinary inspector that the “theory” has been satisfactorily applied in practical work situations.

Included in the course is a review of a DVD on the “practicalities” of relevant work place activities and welfare implications on product quality.

Date and Venue Information

In-company training only.

Contact Kevin Brennan (kevin.brennan@teagasc.ie) for more details.