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Advanced and Emerging Technologies

Prepared Consumer Food Centre

Over the past several decades, the focus of the food industry has shifted from classical technologies towards advanced food processing, preservation and extraction technologies. This shift is attributed to: a) increased consumer demand for safe and nutritious food; b) the need for improved process and energy efficiency; and c) legislative and regulatory requirements aiming to minimise the use of chemical preservatives. Advanced food processing technologies including pulsed electric field, plasma technologies, cavitation technologies and UV light based technologies offer numerous advantages, including improved safety profiles, nutritional, shelf-life and sensory properties of foods. Such novel technological approaches are sustainable and can be applied to a range of prepared consumer foods.

Key Pieces of Equipment

  • Pulsed Electric Field System (PEF) – A versatile technology which can be used for cold extraction, improved shelf-life, diffusion processes and pretreatment of fresh produce.
  • Ultraviolet light based technologies – Disinfection of produce, product surfaces, packaging and other food contact surfaces.
  • Cavitation technologies – Enhanced cell disruption, improved extraction yields and mass transfer while reducing the energy and time required compared to traditional approaches.
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction System – Environmentally friendly technique which combines pressure and temperature for extraction and purification of biological materials.

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