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Covid19 - Turning challenges into opportunities in the PCF Sector


The Prepared Consumer Food Centre (PCFC) has been actively supporting food businesses over recent years in the response to Brexit, but now the focus is shifting to aid food and drink manufacturers in response to the challenges presented by Covid-19. The food sector is one of the key drivers of the Irish economy, and we need to ensure that Irish Food business are adequately prepared and supported during this difficult time. Covid-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to the food sector in Ireland, and these challenges call for Innovation.

The Prepared Consumer Food Centre capabilities provide a full scale of services to specifically support the food industry in Ireland in response to the current Covid-19 pandemic. We are encouraging food businesses to engage with us so that we can help you for changing demands and provide support. The Centre has worked with a number of small, medium and large enterprises to develop new products and help solve scientific challenges.

In the previous economic downturn a number of new food businesses were born. The past few weeks have also provided time for potential entrepreneurs to consider starting a food business. We provide support on how they can overcome scientific challenges and progress their potential business to the next level.

While the outlook for 2020 may be negative for the majority of food businesses, we remain positive for the future of the Irish Food Industry and their proven track record of resilience. Shay Hannon, PCFC Manager notes "In Ireland we have a fantastic reputation globally for the excellent quality of our food produce and behind this lies the resilience of Irish Food businesses to overcome challenges. We need to uphold our high standards and continue to innovate and maintain the highest level of quality possible" In the PCFC, we will support food businesses and we encourage you to engage with us.


For more information contact:

Shay Hannon

Email: shay.hannon@teagasc.ie

Phone: +353 (0)18059990 / +353 (0)876723696