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Nutritional Quality Suite

Prepared Consumer Food Centre

The application of advanced analytical techniques is critical for the development of innovative food products, in particular, those with enhanced nutritional claims. The Nutritional Quality Suite establishes a comprehensive facility to produce the relevant analytical results and satisfy a wide range of product label claims. At present, there is a major gap in capabilities to allow for the analysis of essential food nutrients. The suite of analytical methods available within the NPCFC allows for the determination of macronutrients, sugars, minerals, water soluble and fat soluble vitamins. This will support and enhance the product development activities within the Centre.

Key Pieces of Equipment

  • Liquid chromatograph with triple quadruple mass spectrometer detector allows for the analysis of multiple water soluble and fat soluble vitamins in food.
  • Gradient ion chromatography with amperometric detection allows for the analysis of sugars in conventional foods, as well as sugar free or lactose free products.
  • Inductively coupled plasma together with single stage mass spectrometry for cost effective analysis of minerals/elements from one sample injection.

For more information contact:

Martin Danaher

Email: Martin.Danaher@teagasc.ie

Phone: +35318059552