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Food Bioscience

Our core objective in Food Biosciences is to engage in advanced research and technology development in support of the Irish Agri-Food industry sector. Activities fall into three research areas: Food for Health; Cheese Microbiology and Biochemistry and Milk and Product Quality.

The Food Biosciences is and academic partner in the APC Microbiome Institute and Food for Health Ireland 

Main programme obvectives

  • To employ foods, food components and health promoting microorganisms as food-based solutions to address key societal diet related health concerns including gut health, obesity, and infant nutrition.
  • To exploit microorganisms, microbial metabolites and bacteriophage as agents to control deleterious or pathogenic organisms in food systems or the gastrointestinal tract. 
  • To focus on the application of microorganisms and their enzymes to impact on the sensory, textural, techno-functional properties and health benefits of a range of foods. 
  • Contribute to milk quality research, a cross departmental activity in the Food Programme