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Bioprocess Innovation Suite

The Bioprocess Innovation Suite at Teagasc Moorepark aims to be a "one stop shop" for bioprocess development, optimisation and scale up. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and Teagasc, the suite consists of an array of bioreactors, some with automated liquid handling and sampling, and an adjacent microbiology prep lab.


Bioprocessing is a process that uses living organisms to produce a desired, value-added product. These processes have the capacity to transform low value products (including waste streams) into higher value products with enhanced functional properties, extended shelf-life and improved safety. The development of the Bioprocess Innovation Suite alongside the longstanding expertise of Teagasc food scientists and the facilities available at the onsite pilot plant, Moorepark Technology Ltd. is the latest expansion in Teagasc's Cultures, Fermentation and Biotransformation research platform. 

The expansion to the platform will consist of a new laboratory housing a collection of bioreactors, ranging from 0.8 ml to 20 L in scale. A 250 L bioreactor will also be installed in the new fermentation facility at the adjacent pilot plant, Moorepark Technology Ltd. Significantly, the microbioreactors are combined with an integrated, automated microfluidics system for reaction setup and robotic sampling. This can be used for microbial strain screening and rapid scaled-down process optimisation.

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Bioprocess Innovation Suite_Update 1

Bioprocess Innovation Suite_Update 2


Biolector Pro and Robolector XL

48 samples, 0.8-2ml volume

Applikon Mini-Bio

8 reactors, 50-200ml volume


Applikon EZ-Bio

2-20 L volume

Applikon Pilot Scale Bioreactor

250 L volume, located at Moorepark Technology Ltd

Downstream Processing

As part of the Bioprocess Innovation Suite, a number of downstream processing platforms are also available to users,  including membrane filtration, flavour chemistry and DNA sequencing

Research Projects

U-Protein: Unlocking Protein Resource Opportunities To Evolve Ireland’s Nutrition

EBSTAR: Efficient Biotransformation of Underutilised and Waste Food Processing Streams into Alternative and Renewable Products.