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Food for Health

Research focus

  • EMicrobiologyxtraction and isolation of bioactive components and desirable microorganisms from a range of food grade biological sources (milk, fruit and vegetables, cereals, marine and fermented foods).
  • Application of high throughput in vitro bioassays, animal studies and human trials to investigate foods and food bioactives (including associated mechanisms of action).
  • Assessment of the behaviour of foods in the digestive tract and of bioaccessibility/bioavailability.
  • Isolation and characterisation of biocontrol agents (bacteriocins and bacteriophage) for spoilage/pathogen control.
  • Analysis of the biological properties of sugars/oligosaccharides isolated from food sources and their effects of host-microbial interactions in the gut.
  • Investigating the microbial production of bioactive lipids such as conjugated fatty acids (CLA) and short chain fatty acids (SCFA).
  • Understanding the relationship between gut microbiota and health status (especially in infants, athletes and overweight individuals), and the potential of food to programme a healthy gut microbiota (as assessed by high throughput DNA sequencing, together with other omics approaches, and subsequent bioinformatics analysis).