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Specialised Training Courses

A number of specialised training courses are available on request. Depending on the nature of the course, they can be tailored and delivered in your premises or location of choice. If you have specific training requirements not covered below, we can also develop bespoke course content to suit you. Please send enquires to the relevent contact person listed below.

Course NameContact
Hygiene in Food Production Systems 
Management of Prerequisite Hygiene Programme kevin.brennan@teagasc.ie
Hygienic Factory Design kevin.brennan@teagasc.ie
Supplier Auditing and Supplier Control kevin.brennan@teagasc.ie
Understanding the requirements of ISO 22000 kevin.brennan@teagasc.ie
HACCP for Animal Feed Producers kevin.brennan@teagasc.ie
Product Development 
Natural Cheese Making muireann.egan@teagasc.ie
Processed and Substitute Cheese Products muireann.egan@teagasc.ie
Processing Technologies 
Spray Drying muireann.egan@teagasc.ie
Evaporation muireann.egan@teagasc.ie
Basic Milk Processing muireann.egan@teagasc.ie
Process Control and Management muireann.egan@teagasc.ie
Plant and Process Hygiene muireann.egan@teagasc.ie