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Microbial Pathogens

The microbiology programme addresses key food bacterial pathogens along the complete “farm to fork” chain. Our research use microbiological, genomic, proteomic and mathematical modelling tools to addressmicrobiology

  • Pathogen transmission and tracking in the food chain
  • Pathogen behaviour and survival in the food chain including adaptation to stressesmicrobiology
  • Pathogenicity, virulence
  • Quantitative risk assessment and predictive modelling
  • Development of novel interventions, strategies, including novel processes and biocontrols

Some of the main issues being addressed are

  • Verocytotoxigenic E. coli in food animals, primary production environments, meat, dairy and horticulture sectors
  • Campylobacter in poultry  
  • Salmonella in pigs and pork
  • Listeria monocytogenes in dairy and ready to eat foods
  • Cronobacter in infant milk formula
  • Pathogen resistance to antibiotics and biocides.

We are involved in a number of large projects including

http://www.ul.ie/dptc and http://aquavalens.org/