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Answering the key questions on the National Genotyping Programme

Answering the key questions on the National Genotyping Programme

ICBF is writing to farmers, providing an information booklet, to answer the key and frequently asked questions they may have in relation to the National Genotyping Programme (NGP).

The programme, operated by the ICBF, offers farmers the opportunity to genotype their herd at a subsidised cost. It is seen as the first step in moving the national herd towards DNA calf registration.

One of the key benefits of participating in the NGP, ICBF outlines, is the elimination of parentage errors, as genotyping at birth will confirm parentage and correct any errors prior to registration.

Additionally, animals sampled at birth will receive genomic evaluations at the earliest possible opportunity, increasing the reliability of their EBI or EuroStar figures well before they are selected/sold for breeding and confirming their eligibility for the Suckler Caron Efficiency Programme (SCEP).

Along with answering the frequently asked questions, the booklet details the key steps participants must take when registering calves, ordering tags, and actions to take if tags are left over from last year. It also provides a guide on how to identify BVD and DNA sample tags and offers advice when posting the NGP tag samples.

To access this booklet, visit the ICBF website.