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Are you in the Beep Scheme? Have you started to wean your calves?

If you are in the BEEP Scheme and have started to wean your calves you need to familiarise yourself with the scheme terms and conditions. This is to ensure you safeguard all your payments. Beef specialist Martina Harrington has information and advice

Spring born calves are now between four to six months old.It is now the ideal time to weigh those calves, while still on the cow to see how they have performed on a mainly milk diet.

To comply with the terms and condition of the BEEP-S scheme the suckler cow and her un-weaned calf must be individually weighed on the same day.  These weights then need to be uploaded to the ICBF website within 7 days. Farmers using their own scales or a borrowed scales must ensure it is registered on the ICBF website in 2021 before they weigh. Once registered the scale will be given a code, it is this code you require when inputting your weights onto the ICBF website.

If you do not own a scale, you can hire one for a daily charge of €50 by logging onto the BEEP-S section on the ICBF or click here

You must also look at your application for the BEEP-S scheme and see if you picked optional measures: 

Meal Feeding or Vaccination

If you have, you now need to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your chosen option.

Meal Feeding and BEEP-S

If you have picked the meal feeding option in BEEP-S you need to be careful of your weighing date when selling weanlings. 

To comply with BEEP-S:

  • you must weigh your calf before weaning. You can wean on the same day as weighing 
  • the weights should be entered within 7 days onto the ICBF system
  • cow and calf must be weighed on the same date
  • you must meal feed for 4 weeks before weaning
  • you must meal feed 2 weeks after weaning, therefore 
  • the sale date must be >15 days after the weighing date. (As at weighing, the calf was on the cow)


If you weigh on the 1st of August, your calf is un-weaned. You can wean on the same day. You should have the weights entered by the 8th of August. You have to meal feed for a further 2 weeks from the date of weighing/weaning so you cannot sell that weanling until the 16th of August.

If you are meal feeding under the BEEP-S scheme, you cannot have a sale date that is less than15 days after a weighing date.

 Date of Weaning 

Date start meal feeding (-4 weeks)

Date end meal feeding (+ 2 weeks)

First sale date - 15 days + after weaning

before weaning
25th August  28th July 8th September 9th September
1st September 4th August  15th September 16th September
8th September 11th August  22nd September 23rd September
15th September 18th August  29th September 30th September
22nd September 25th August  6th October 7th October
29th September 1st September 13th October 14th October
6th October 8th September 20th October 21st October
13th October 15th September 27th October 28th October
28th October 22nd September 3rd November 4th November
  • No calf/weanling can be sold within 2 weeks of weaning if meal feeding under BEEP-S. 
  • The sale date must be >15 days after the weighing date

You must keep receipts for meal fed

Vaccination and BEEP-S

Farmers need to be careful of their vaccination date when selling weanlings.

To comply with BEEP-S you must vaccinate your weanling before weaning/housing/sale.

Two vaccination options

There are two options under vaccination and depending on the option taken:

Option one: Single shot programme – Cover RSV, Pi3 and IBR - >15 days

  • Single Intranasal RSV and Pi3 vaccine 2 to 4 weeks before weaning/housing/sale and
  • At the same time, a single IBR live vaccine is given into the muscle
  • Sale date must be 15 days + after purchase/admin date of this vaccination programme

Option Two: Two shot programme – Cover RSV, Pi3, Mannheimia Haemolytica and IBR - >42 days

  • The first subcutaneous injection for RSV, Pi3 and Mannheimia Haemolytica dead vaccine is given, 6 to 8 weeks before weaning/housing/sale
  • Second subcutaneous injection of RSV, Pi3 and Mannheimia haemolytica dead vaccine, 3 to 4 weeks later
  • Along with an IBR live vaccine given into the muscle.
  • Sale date must be at least 42 days + after purchase/admin date of this vaccination programme

You must keep a record of the product used, the Date and the animals vaccinated.

You must keep receipts for vaccine purchased.  

Date of sale One shot programme (- 2 weeeks) Two shot programme 

    Shot 1 (-6 weeks)  Shot 2
Before Before  
25th August  11th August 14th July

3 – 4 weeks later, with the IBR live vaccination

1st September 18th August 21st July
8th September 25th August 28th July
15th September 1st September 4th August
22nd September 8th September 11th August
29th September 15th September 18th August
6th October 22nd September 25th August
13th October 29th September 1st September
20th October  6th October  8th September 
  Sale date >15 days after purchase/ admin of vaccine 

Sale date at least 42 days after purchase/ admin of  shot 1 

Shot 2 and IBR 3-4 weeks after shot 1