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Beef Newsletter - December 2021

Get the latest information & advice from the Teagasc Beef team in this month's newsletter. It includes: Planning fertiliser requirements for 2022; Controlling fluke; Climate actions for December; 100th episode of The Beef Edge Podcast; and the National Beef Conference.

View it here: Beef Newsletter - December 2021 (PDF)

In this month's edition:

  • Planning fertiliser requirements for 2022
    Indications are that fertiliser prices will remain at all-time highs for 2022 with nitrogen (N) near tripling in price, and phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) nearly doubling compared to 12 months ago. Now is the time to plan fertiliser requirements for 2022 to reduce the impact of high fertiliser costs.
  • Teagasc National Beef Conference
    With the Covid-19 prevention guidelines advising that we should keep socialising to a minimum to ensure the transmission of the disease is kept to a minimum, this year’s National Beef Conference was once again delivered through an online format on 6th and 8th December. Watch it back
  • Controlling fluke: right product – right time
    Most farmers will know if fluke needs to be controlled or not on their farm. If you do need to control fluke, make sure the treatment you use is effective. Remember, it is the immature and early immature fluke that cause most damage to the liver.
  • 100th episode of The Beef Edge
    Over the past two years farmers across the country have tuned into The Beef Edge podcast to hear timely technical information and the latest research and advice from Teagasc and industry stakeholders. Presented by Teagasc Beef Specialist Catherine Egan, the podcast covers the latest news, information and advice to improve your beef farm performance.
  • Climate actions for December
    • Organise your soil sampling now
    • Weigh finishing animals over the winter to ensure they are on target for slaughter next Spring
    • Order your protected urea for 2022 - learn how to value it relative to other forms of N
    • Plant new hedgerows and trees
    • Identify suitable heifers for breeding at 15 months and manage them to ensure that they will reach 60% of their mature weight at bulling time
    • Look at options to import organic manures on tillage farms