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Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) research at Teagasc Grange

Researchers at Teagasc Grange rise to the challenge of researching Bovine Respiratory Disease in two studies mentioned here. One on New diagnostics for rapid detection and identification of the causative agents of the disease, and the second on use of RNA sequencing to analyse calf samples post BRD

Tackling bovine respiratory disease

New diagnostics for rapid detection and identification of the causative agents of bovine respiratory disease (BRD)

Kerrie Duffy, Matthew McCabe, Paul Cormican and Bernadette Earley are Teagasc Grange Researchers are carrying out this research.

Conventional methods of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) classification involve assessing animals using a clinical respiratory score (CRS) and a scan of the animal’s lungs by thoracic ultrasonography (TUS).

In addition to the methods of CRS and TUS, molecular and in-vitro culture investigations into the causative agents of BRD are quantified using qPCR.

At Teagasc Grange, two novel promising diagnostic tools to detect BRD pathogenic agents are optimised and in use, namely:

  1. the Oxford Nanopore MinION M1kC and
  2. a protocol for 16S ribosomal amplicon sequencing.

The single challenge with BRD viruses in calves

Stephanie O’Donoghue, Bernadette Earley and Sinead Waters are the Teagasc Grange Researchers involved in this study.

Our studies use RNA sequencing to analyse the blood and lung transcriptomes of calves following a single challenge with two BRD viruses (BoHV-1 and BRSV).

Differentially expressed genes and regulatory regions controlling their expression have been identified in calves post-challenge.

This data will assist in identifying variants, which will be included in genomic selection breeding programmes to generate healthier, more robust cattle with a greater potential to resist BRD.

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These two articles were first published in Today's Farm - May/June 2022 where you can read more articles like them.